Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Meet Miss Abigail

Friday afternoon started out with the typical Kubota ride with a frosty beverage around the farm. 

We also made a stop by Miss Abigail's house to bring her a prize I had ordered because a certain little girl I know is Hello Kitty c-r-a-z-y.  You'll see it when she sports her cute Smitten & Co tee on her birthday in a few weeks!

She's about the prettiest thing around.  But she's also just about the most shy thing around too!  It could frankly depend on the weather if she might talk to us or not.  And she's known Uncle Jeff her whole life!  But for some reason when we asked if she wanted to ride with us, she said OK!
So off we went.  She wanted to check on the baby lamb that was born (wish I had my camera, he was so cute!).  Then we checked on all the cows.  And last we checked out the turtle holes. 

By the time we pulled back up at Stan and Loretta's, I said "Abigail, let's have a slumber party at Uncle Jeff's!  Let's eat lots of ice cream and watch girl movies and drive Uncle Jeff crazy!  Won't that be fun!!"

And I'll be durn if that child didn't say "OK!  I need to get my BBQ and Hello Kitty toothbrush first!"  (She did not want our dinner apparently.)
Jeff and I were blown away, and so was her mama.  We all gave each other winks, knowing this wouldn't last long.  I also hadn't thought about the fact Jeff and I were due in town at 8am for a Make-A-Wish event....

We all sat down to dinner....Jeff and I to steak and zucchini, Abigail to her BBQ, and then we hit the bath while Uncle Jeff warmed up the recliner, go figure.

As we made crazy shampoo hair and lots of bubbles in the giant jacuzzi tub, we sent funny pictures to a sad mama who missed her baby....who to all of our surprise was still having a blast.

Next we picked out a very appropriate Barbie movie (YESSSSS) for the 4, 31, and 41 year olds to watch.  We all piled three deep in a king size bed for movie time (guess who got middles, lucky me) and made it through about 10 minutes before I was surrounded by snores.....

I proceeded to have the most restless night's sleep of my life, between Abigail talking in her sleep, twirling my hair (aka KNOTTING my hair) rolling on top of me, etc.  I told Jeff to Mark My Words!!  I will not have my kids in my bed!!! (Lord, please don't let me eat my words.....) 

But this angel woke up bright eyed with a smile on her face after a great night's sleep, which was my sole purpose in life that night.  So I suppose my mission was accomplished!  She said she had fun, but asked if we could start the Barbie movie that morning since we didn't finish!  HA!  So at 6:30am, we popped that puppy right back in....I just don't understand why Uncle Jeff didn't want to watch though?  Why is loading up the truck and feeding ducks more inticing??  Huh.

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