Monday, June 13, 2011

A Hello Kitty Saturday

Saturday was Miss Abigail's 5th birthday, and she is crazy about all things Hello Kitty so it was only fitting her mama deck the house out in all things pink and Hello Kitty-like!  It was perfect, and Abigail had the best day with all of her friends! (For your family tree, Abigail is Stan and Loretta's daughter, and Stan is Jeff's baby brother :).  You with me now?)
After the crowd arrived, and I do mean crowd!, lunch was served, and then it was present time!  Check out the oh-so-precious HK wrapping paper!
The big kids (like Nana and Uncle Jeff) found a seat around the birthday girl while wrapping paper and bows went flying.

I dare not cast a vote in who won best present award between Mama & Daddy's Helly Kitty bicycle OR Nana & Grandaddy's patio set that was just her size!  Both were loved on many times through out the day!

Though she had originally planned to wear this HK shirt I'd had a sweet friend make for her (Thank you TT!!  She did LOVE IT!), when Loretta found matching Mommy and Abigail HK shirts, there was no question what the outfit of choice would be for party day.  Loretta's sister even made them flip flips to match.  :)

The party eventually made it's way outside to the blazing heat where at least the kiddos kept cool in the pool, while we sweated off the cake and icecream on the patio. 
I could eat my man Garrett, up.  He and those goggles.  Oh my heart.

It took an army to keep them this still for a picture.  And some very quick snapping.  And then they were off!
Dad and his buddy.  Love these guys.  One day Kyle will know it.  Jeff knows now, see it in his smile?
The party, as I'm learning, tend to turn into all day events.  Which is fine by me.  I like it around here.  Kids crash inside with movies and games.  Adults grill out and hang around the porch.  There may or may not even be some kareoke and impromptu dance sessions.  Guess you'll never know..... :)  However, if you need a good DJ, my boyfriend's for hire.  But I digress.....

Here are the Star Search finalists....ur, I mean....the girls after a great Saturday in Juniper.  Me, Loretta, Shaundra (L's friend from church), and Jennifer (Adam's wife). 

Stan and Loretta were great hosts, thanks for letting us crash your home all day long!  And most importantly, Happy Birthday to Miss Abigail!  Love you sweet girl!


  1. you know, i thought i was having an 80's flashback that night....i walked on the backporch and heard Bette Davis Eyes coming from somewhere across the field...ya'll were definitely jammin!

  2. Those Hello kitty flip flops are too cute!