Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Phone Purge

Disclaimer:  This post is of no significant value whatsoever.  I will jump subjects, and say random things.  So, basically, pretend we're talking on the phone.....

I realized Sunday as my 80 year old grandfather was learning to navigate the likes of a smartphone, just how many pictures I take with mine.  And then how I proceed to leave them there to rot.  So today, allow me to purge.... 

Recently it was discovered my oh-so-perfect, never-had-to-wear-braces mouth full o' teeth has been invaded by cavities.  And yes, I am now aware I should must floss daily to prevent this from repeating. I hate flossing. But now floss sticks are my friend.  If I don't make friends with floss, I'll have to endure more shots into my gumline for fillings which will leave me with a crooked smile and a numb nose for 4 hours.  And that would suck.  (I'd like to blame the frizzy hair on the dentist too, but I'm afraid that's just me)....
This is Wilson, in his new pool because it reaches nearly 100 degrees every day. Every doggie should have their own pool.  Wilson thinks it's the greatest thing since Beggin' Strips.

 Roscoe loves me.  And I love him.  I do not love my shiny face after a day by the pool.
 Do yall know those greeting cards with the big ol' dog heads with tiny bodies on them that are so funny and cartoonish?  I think I could market Roscoe as a model.  He's one funny dude.
 Speaking of funny dudes....  I laugh out loud everytime I look at this one.  And yes, there's always a story, but I think yall should make up your own and guess.  ;)
 Oh, oh! I'm so excited about this!!  This is a very special fiddle...and it's autographed by someone very special too!!  But...I think I'm just gonna wait and tell you about it later, and hope you'll all wanna get involved!  Consider this your sneak peak!
 Ahhhhh....this is my favorite place on earth.  I suppose this one speaks for itself.

Remember the pups from Christmas time?  They were only like the cutest stocking stuffers ever?!  Here they are now.  All growed up! :)  Bentley is on the left, that's Jessie's hell'un.  And mama's pup, Charlie, is on the right, who just baaarely passed obedience school this week, but did squeak outta there with a cap and gown.  Seriously.

 A month or so ago we loaded my car top to bottom, front to back til there was barely room for me!!, with cases full of bottled water.  I thought I might have to air up my tires again when it was all over with!

 And then we loaded up some trucks to the brim with anything and everything you can imagine donated by the amazing people in Columbus and our Auburn Club.  And the trucks pulled out to help Alabama's tornado victims.

Sweet Ethel, dad's doggie.  Will fetch a tennis ball and bring it to you and drop it at your feet like a guuuud girl.  Over and over and over again.  This giant labrador has become a very sweet and patient big sister to her 3 pound Maltese brother.  It's pitiful and sweet, I suppose.

 A sushi catepillar.  Who crawled straight to my tummy.

We clearly eat sushi too much.  (This was not even catepillar night.)  Our chef experiments on us.  And in the end, named a roll after me.  No it was not spicy, or expensive, or any other jokes out there, thank you very much!  I think it was very.....sweet, right Jeffrey?? 

Aww, let's wrap it up with my sweet thang.  On date night.  Being oh so patient with me taking his picture.  Can't you see it in his eyes, being oh so patient?  ;)

Ok, maybe I'll be back next time with some words of wisdom.


Or maybe just pictures of more people, less dogs.  Peace out.


  1. Ok, so apparently I'm way behind. I just spent 30 minutes catching myself up...loved it all! And those Hello Kitty matching shirts and flip flops were too much. My girls would be ALL over that!!

  2. I love the appeals to my craziness completely! And I would like to visit your favorite place on looks real nice. :)

  3. 1. "This is your face... This is your face on drugs."
    2. That fiddle is MINE!
    3. Bentley desperately needed a haircut!!!
    4. WAY TOO MUCH avacado!
    Love you! :)