Thursday, September 22, 2011

Ordinary Things

Jeff got on to me the other day for not updating my blog.  I told him there was not much "blog worthy."  And then he reminded me I didn't start this little blog just to post about major events in my life:  the parties, and trips, and birthdays, etc.  Instead, it was about my ordinary life, and the things that make me happiest.
So here is what's been going on lately, and hands down, what makes me happiest. 
I've been riding around in the country.   At sunset last weekend, we surprised a young doe, who didn't mind us at all.  So we sat and watched her eat, while we drummed up venison recipes in our head and promised to see her again in a few months.... ;)

Jeff took me to a secret little lake he grew up fishing on, and we loading up this little john boat full of fishing poles and spend a Sunday afternoon talking to each other without another soul in sight.  Our goal was to "catch our own dinner."

We didn't exactly catch our own dinner that day, but had a ball trying!  And who knew I had such an arm?!  After at least two casts, two of my luers landed 40 feet up a tree!!  (And there are clearly no fish in trees, Jenn.)

I've also sat on a dove field back behind Jeffrey's house with him and his daddy.  'Cause that's what you do on the weekends there, and fortunate for him, and for me too I suppose, we both like the same things.  Though camo is no really my best color, Jeff is.  And I may not be the quietest hunter on the bird field, but as long as I don't move much, Jeff let's me talk his ear off.  And that's why we fit.

Believe it or not, he is listening to me here....

And after a day on the farm, I get to dress up for a sushi date.  We're random, but very versatile like that.  So that's what has been going on, ordinary things.  No life-altering decisions, plans, or changes for you friends and family always wondering, but I'm happy.  We roll day by day, and it's working.  These ordinary things make me smile, this guy keeps making me smile.  And so long as that keeps up, I'm keeping things ordinary.


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