Wednesday, August 31, 2011

R&R and a Broke Wing....

Welcome to paradise.  I didn't think last weekend would ever get here.  I have been looking forward to getting away with Jeff for so long, and the way our schedules are, especially Jeff's, leaving for a whole weekend, much less taking a WHOLE day off work, and him not working on a Saturday too, is next to impossible.  I don't even think he gets how much I look forward to it (especially considering I had to remind him of the trip coming up, he is a guy right? ;). 

He's perfectly content to sit on the back porch all the time, and for the most part I am too, but I feel like I've been through the wringer lately.  We've been through the wringer actually, and an escape from reality, and even that back porch, is what we needed.  And this gorgeous place was definitely not the bach porch, but the 21st balcony of a pimped out condo!  We were definitely spoiled!
This is pretty much what we did all weekend, and I didn't even get my camera out past Friday.  We laid out in our beach bum chairs, under our tee-niny umbrella that was a total after-thought we bought last minute at Publix when we got there that didnt cover our left shoulders.(And yes, for you straining to see, that is a tat on my man....but I promise it's better that what was there before.) We read books and drank frosty beverages, we put our toes in the sand swam in the beautiful gulf and dodged mean ol' jelly fish.  Oh, and if I'm being honest, there was an Indian couple beside us that Jeff very kindly walked over to and tried to buy there GIANT umbrella from as they packed which they replied in better English than he spoke, "No thanks, but you can go to Home Depot and get one.  We got ours in Nashville."  Boo--ya!  I'm sure they're like brain surgeons at Vanderbilt or something!
My oh so darling cousin Rachael who just graduated from Florida and is back home in Destin came to play with us one day, and we had a blast catching up as usual! 
And don't be fooled by the grey hairs on my love's head....he's a child.  And an aggrevating one at that!  He fed these stupid seagulls for a solid 20 minutes until all my chips were gone!  When he went for the nutter butters, I put my foot down!  I believe that was the point also when this lovely couple a few feet away from us said "when they poop on us, we're coming for you!"  I was mortified!  At that time we had no clue who they were, but ironically, by the next day, we had floated in the water enough with them, and swapped supplies from our coolers, we ended up taking them to dinner with us at Nick's, my family's restaurant down there!  Clearly, we don't meet a stranger!
This would be the only proof that the two of us took a trip together this summer.   And of course, we're sunburned, waterlogged, tired, and there's a crazy sushi chef in the background.  I'm giving up on documenting.
Well, except this, Jeff definitely documented this of course.  So I'll explain the best I can.  And briefly.  We went to the beach.  We ate seafood.  We got a tan.  And I broke my wing.  The end.

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