Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Good Times, Great Friends!

This post is long overdue, but yall know me. I'm a last minute shopper, I'm late to all meetings (even the ones I call), I put my makeup on in the car, and I post two weeks late. So sue me.
Two of my best, and oldest, friends in the whole wide world, Leah Justice Allen and Shea Snider try to get together for a girls trip annually. Football season already seems like forever ago, and not soon enough, so we need a little R&R to break up the downtime.
So last (last) Friday afternoon I hopped in my car and headed to Mobile to Leah's as Shea hopped on a plane in DC and ascended in the same direction. (I'm assuming Leah was probably pacing the floor in anticipation.) Once we all arrived and hugs were swapped and bags were dropped, we found a comfy spot on the front porch and spent who knows how long out there chatting await. I wish I had a picture of Leah's house and street because it is the most comfortable, laid back, friendly neighborhood I've ever seen. Literally, where everybody knows your name. Anyway, I'm off track....of course I get hungry, so LJA takes us to this great restaurant (Shea--not need to confirm or deny), The Bakery Cafe.
After dinner, we resume our places on the porch and allow the boys (LJA's hubby Brian and buddy Todd Lecour) to join in girl talk...which they l-o-v-e-d) until way too late.
The next morning it was up early to cold showers (and the pilot light being out), bags back in the car, a bagel on the go, and we were off to New Orleans!!
We all have been to New Orleans for our share of bacherolette parties, and love the city, the food, and the shopping, so we were looking forward to some time there a little more slow paced, of course more good food, and checking out more of one of our favorite cities.
We checked into the W Hotel, and I fell in love. It was absolutely beautiful and they treated us like royalty. I was especially fond of it because their theme "W" led to signs everywhere saying "What is your wish?" And yall know how much I love the Make A Wish Foundation so everytime I see the words I take a picture and I try to buy whatever it is! So I will probaby be staying at W's from here on out!
We checked in, grabbed some fruity concoctions and soaked up the sun for a while out by the pool before heading out on the town.

Though we may not be the most proficient at reading maps, we managed to chase down a street car, and eventually get it to stop somewhere in the Garden District where we got to see some beautiful homes. Mostly locals live around this area and its a place I've never really been to, so we walked around the most beautiful homes.

Dinner at Emeril's was fantastic...once we got over the giggles from looking at a 100 page wine list. I believe the exact words to the waiter were "We're just going with hard liquor tonight, sir."

And what's a trio of cute girls to do after blowing 300 bucks on a fabulous dinner, you ask....well, there's just one thing of course.... when the lights are flashing, the machines must be cashing, right?!?!

WRONG. But just the same, lots of fun as as always! But after a few hours of "max bets" and no "big spins"....we realize its time we pack it up and walk back to the W...for some more girltalk outside in the courtyard, til waaay too late once again. How I wish I could stop time and make that weekend last just a couple more days. Every minute of it was so much fun, I love these girls to pieces. I hope they know that sometimes they are just what the doctor ordered.

Sunday morning we rolled out of bed and as we bid farewell to our beloved New Orleans, we brunched at Court of the Two Sisters...and brunched...brunched. That's right, three delicious plates of the the most fabulous fruits, and homemade hashbrowns, grits, omelets, biscuits, and desserts you can imagine. I dont think I ate again until Tuesday.After brunch, it was packing the car, BOOOO, and hitting the road. A short trip later we were in Gulfport to do a little outlet shopping and then dropping Shea off at the airport (BOOO again). An hour later we're at Leah's and more hugs were swapped an bags were dropped and before I knew it the weekend was over and I was on my way back to Georgia. So long R&R, and my precious friends. Come see me soon!

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