Tuesday, April 28, 2009

OOC Baby...Here We Come!

Or for the uninformed...Out Of Control! I actually laugh now when I say that, because our "OOC" Weekends with my college girlfriends are just a tad bit different now that our OOC days in college! :o) Nevertheless, our annual reunion is something we all look forward to, so much so this date is planned at least 6 months out! And I swear we start a countdown 30 days away! And I think it does feel pretty good to see our girlfriends and get away from work and hubbies and babies for the weekend and get a little OOC!
This year the name drawn from the hat was Jess'. So its her turn to play hostess in Decatur, and all eight of us will be crashing her casa this weekend!! Three more days, Girls! Can't freakin' wait!!!


  1. Can't wait to see you on Thursday!!!

  2. Sounds terrific....have a wonderful and totally out of control time!! :) And next year, plan on stashing me in your suitcase!!! Or...heck, I'll even play host for all y'all....jus bring me a bottle of wine and we'll call it even! :)