Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Another Year Older...I, Mean, Wiser...

Well, actually it was yesterday....but my computer was in rehab. So I request a pass for the belated wishes for my padre.
So let me just say--if you dont know this man....meet him. Meet him now. He is the most kind hearted, funny, tender, wise, patient, loving, supportive person I know. And he's one heck of a duck hunter too!
Did you know I have friends from high school that still keep in touch with this guy? They would come over and chat with him even when I wasnt there. His advice has stretched the miles. His support could rebuild bridges. His laugh could fill a room. He really is the coolest guy I know.
He's crazy in love with my mom (AKA Sweetin') and after over 33 years together will still make late night Walmart runs for last minute teacher supplies or Marshmellow food.
He is patient with my precious but slightly dramatic graduate school sister, Jessie (AKA Baby Girl) listening to the woes of college life and pinching pennies in the great city of Tallahassee while singing her little heart out while bleeding dad's wallet dry....
And then there's me...(AKA Punkin Head) who until recently was somewhat normal I think.... But now added a whole new level of stress to their lives. Suddenly the kid who graduated, got a job, got married, has taken two steps back (well, that's just a phrase, just one I guess--I still have my job). And like always, my Dad stepped in like a ROCK.
So, Daddy (AKA "TDH"), on your birthday, ENJOY yourselfand KNOW that we love you to pieces!

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  1. Oh tell that sweet Daddy of yours I wish him a very happy belated birthday. And what a wonderful testament you've written in this short little post to the man he truly is....a blessing to so many!!