Sunday, November 1, 2009

A Sweet Victory

Finally. A "W." And boy did we need it. The TIGERS are back people. A little shaky, but back. It was cold, it was rainy, but neverless I did what I love most.
Dinner with my girlfriends. Friday night it was with Ginny and Jess.
Then Jess and I headed back to Columbus and stayed up way too late baking treats for Saturday's tailgate and gossiping about just about anything we could think of! (what else is a good friend for, right?)

Then bright and early it was tailgating time with these ladies.

Now as Jess, Haley, and I were all bundled up for warmth and dodging the drizzling rain.....

Others were decked out for Halloween in all their glory!

After a fun game, it was back to the tailgate for more tailgating and great food....and a few more sweet surprises. Like this cutie, Patton Knight, mama Lindsay definitely has her hands full--he's gonna break some hearts! And of course we had to sing to Jess for the 30 YEARS she's been on this earth and cut into this Halloween cake special for her!
Make a wish, Dora!
And to end the day, there's no better way than a perfect Auburn sunset!


  1. War Eagle! You are SO right, we needed a "W"! Looks like a fun weekend, hate I missed it!

  2. I gave you an award...go to my blog to see more about it!

    Oh, and WAR EAGLE!!!