Sunday, November 29, 2009

Full as a Thanksgiving Turkey!

And I mean that. Whew. We do some serious eating. And lovin. And laughin. And talkin. And "carrying on." And I've never been more thankful for anything or anyone in my whole life.
Like this sweet Mimi of mine. Hers and PawPaw's house is my first stop on Thanksgiving.
And when this sweet face arrived I thought I'd "peer die" as we say in my family. I'm so proud of my sister for going to FSU for her Masters, and how much she will do with Music Therapy, but dadgum, Tallahassee is too far away sometimes!
As soon as the table was set, sweet teas were poured, and we all went around the room sharing what we were thankful for, we dug into this feast! Ham, turkey, dressing, butterbeans, beans, peas, squash, mac-n-cheese casserole, salads and rolls....oh my!
This is my precious (Italian-can you tell?) PawPaw. There are a million things I love about this man. There is one thing I can't stand. He's a Bama fan. Gag. At least he was smart enough to send his kids to Auburn. But there is only so much smack talk I can handle about certain not-so-successful Auburn seasons, and certain lucky Alabama seasons. Grrr. And this 78 year old PawPaw even sends emails to his dear Tiger family too, prior to every game, after every AU loss, and every UA win. So. I took advantage of the photo opp to throw a little WAR EAGLE sign up in the background and a Tiger in his hand and say cheese with my dear ol' clueless PawPaw. God love him.
My sweet grandparents, their favorite grandchild, and Jessie. hehe
And....after so many pictures Mimi had just had enough, she said. She hadn't done her hair, and said she looked like a witch. So as a witch, I felt it only fitting to hand her a broom and ask her to pose! Hmmm....went over like a lead balloon! She came at me! (And thank goodness she doesnt blog--she'd kill me for this, but it was just too funny!!)
Next stop was to Grandmother and Wes's house for dinner. Where there are LOTS of cousins!
And lots more food! Couldn't I just jump straight to the desserts please?!?! Just look at those pies!
But Mama made me eat dinner first. And I'm glad I did (though I shouldn't have eaten the rest of the weekend!). Turkey, dressing, corn, mashed potatoes, green beans, sweet potato casserole, and a special rice from Uncle Pat, rolls, and on and on!! Holy cow. I'm going to burst just typing it! This is my precious Grandmother and Wes, who I love dearly. Wes is fighting the battle of his life, and is a strong, and amazing man, who you can't help but fall in love with as soon as you meet him. His legs may be weak, but his handshake is strong. He may not speak much, but his eyes say it all. He has a big heart, and has given it to my Grandmother. She is a fantastic woman. She has the strength of a lion, but a gentle touch. She has so much love in her heart. She is there for everyone around, giving support and love, to Wes, her children, grandchildren, and friends. She is a rock. They are reason enough to give thanks.
After dinner, its time to pass out and let our tummies settle, and we fall...well, where we fall....sometimes, that's on each other. And I'm thankful for that, that we're never too old to pile up together and love on each other.
Hope your Thanksgiving was as filling and loving and special as mine!

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