Thursday, January 7, 2010

It's A Wonderful Life.

And it was a wonderful Christmas. See for yourself. It began with my beautiful sister and I engaging in what turned out to be a pajama portrait session while baking cookies. With our baby brother Marshmellow.
(I still thought we were saying cheese at this point.)
I caught on quick.
This is what a zoom does. (and a 5-year age difference) Seriously? Please note the lack of wrinkles and blemishes and worry spots on that innocent little (almost) 25 year old face. Can someone please recommend a cream for the wrinkly girl on the bottom?? She needs to face the facts.
Candlelight service. Singing Silent Night. I could feel the presence of the Lord in that place.
(Don't tell my preacher I was taking pictures please.)
Christmas Eve. Home with my beautiful family. (Take 4 with the self-timer).
This used to gross me (and my friends) out. Now it makes me smile.
That's 35 years worth of lovin'.
My sister is one of my favorite things.
We tend to be dramatic. This is us singing (and acting out) the song "Sisters" from White Christmas. It's tradition. Live with it.
My best friend. The source of our drama. And love. And laughter. And goofiness. And tenderheartedness. And compassion. And creativeness. And I think Jessie might have gotten organization from her.
My first love, to whom all men are compared, but never matched. The source of our height And wisdom. And devotion. And unconditional love. And I think Jessie got some of Daddy's patience. Oh, and his toes, sheesh, we got his toes.
Christmas Day at the Nick's.
Oh PawPaw. You just won't do sometimes.
And I'm pretty sure Mimi just disowned you. Lose the wig.
Jessie and I, after a long night helping Santa.
My "special friend" as Mimi titled him. He thinks I'm cool even with antlers. ;)
Enjoying their new swing. Checking out the mechanics of it all. Let's look up.....
And now straight ahead.....
I love my Mimi and PawPaw.
Cheesy family shot. Jazz hands.
Christmas Day at the Parker's. Not sure how Wes felt about the antlers.....
My beautiful cousin Lindsey. Soon to be a married woman.
Oh, Grandmother. You are my heart.
Uncle Pat and Jeff hamming it up. Love it.
Shelby. Stopping growing up please. You should be seven still.
Oh cousins. And this is just a precious sample.
Christmas in a really long, polaroid-captured nutshell.
Makes me smile to look at pictures of it. Makes me smile to remember.
Happy New Year.
Cheers, to a new decade. I am anxiously awaiting what my future holds.


  1. Look at you, Skinny Minnie! You're h-o-o-o-t! And that's not pronounced 'hoot'. It's hot. Because you are! Loved all the Christmas pics! Can't wait to see you in almost a month!!!!!!

  2. Jenn, you had me crying all night. I love the woman you have become. It was a great Christmas having you home.