Saturday, January 30, 2010

40 Reasons to Celebrate!

Honestly, I could think of a hundred. But I'll respect your time. I suppose you can only hear me "swoon" for so long. But its going to be a good year, for lots of good reasons, I'm just sayin.' But it's been birthday month, and now it's this cutie's and here's his list, appropriately.... 1. This guy, Jeff, has knocked me off my feet. 2. When my phone rings, my stomach kind of flops hoping its him....still. I'm wondering when it will stop? 3. He calls me Sunshine. 4. He sends me roses for no reason. With a card that said...well, I'll keep that to myself. 5. He is a hard worker. 6. Back "on the farm," when he tells me he is "taggin cows" or "balin' hail," I can't help but laugh. 7. He calls me just to see how my day is going, to let me know he's thinking about me.

8. He is very photogenic, and serious. Oh how I love his intense, serious attitude!

9. He wears jeans and Georgia boots with a pressed button down shirt to work every day. Is that an urban cowboy? Regardless, it's cute. 10. We hold hands in public which I DO NOT DO. And I like it. ;) 11. He loves his mama, like I love mine. 12. He makes gray hair look positively delicious! I mean, handsome. 13. He's very handy. He's a trashman, yardman, lightbulb-changer...he even hung a shutter for me. Oh, and he hunts my rats in the attic. 14. I repay him with cookies and pies. He thinks there should be a dessert with every meal. So I'm finally learning to cook. (or just keep icecream in the fridge) 15. He can hang pictures without pencils or levels or marking up a wall with more patience than I've ever known. 16. He leaves me notes around my house. Sometimes they rhyme and its cheesy and it makes me laugh. The gut laugh. 17. He takes care of me when I have a migraine. Even when there's nothing to do, he still tries really hard. (My dear friends know what patience that takes.) 18. His best kisses are the ones on the forehead. 19. He notices my haircuts. 20. We dress up and go on date nights, and his compliments make me blush. 21. He opens the car door everywhere we go. Like to Walmart and Zaxbys. 22. He stands up when I come back from the ladies room at dinner. 23. He takes off my coat at restaurants. It makes me feel special. 24. He calls me Jenn mostly, but when he tries to be serious and say my whole name, its "Jennifa." 25. Man, this list is long. But he's worth it. Maybe he'll give me 30 reasons I'm FABULOUS in a week or so???.....doubt it. He's a guy. :) 26. He listens to me talk ( alot). I do the same. We both have a lot to say sometimes. Serious stuff. Funny stuff. Regardless, we're each others good listener when its needed. 27. He loves children, and they love him. This makes me happy. (And a handful of other emotions). 28. He is an Auburn Tiger. 29. He is a Christian. 30. He makes me feel beautiful, inside and out. 31. He is beautiful, inside and out. 32. He is very patient with me "documenting" everything. (Is that a fake smile for my camera, mister?!?) 26. We have both been through divorces, have learned from it, and developed an amazing friendship as a result. Now we are entertaining more, cautiously but eagerly. 27. He calls his father "daddy" like I do mine. I think that's cute. 28. He has the most crystal clear blue eyes I've ever seen. (I won't try to show them in a picture, you'll have to see for yourself!) 29. Sometimes after work we get to talking so much in the kitchen or couch or porch that I realize its been hours and I haven't thought about a tv or blackberry. In fact, I don't even know what we've talked about. 30. He makes me laugh. A good gut laugh, you know.

31. We pray together. 32. He is a good father. To Kyle and Emily. This should scare me, for some reason it doesn't. It makes me feel comfortable. 33. We dance in the kitchen a lot. 34. My dad approves. That means the world to me. (And would've been a dealbreaker had he not!) Oh, and he's not 4'11" I promise....just a strange camera angle, and my dad is 6'5"! :) 35. We go to church and worship the Lord together. I am most grateful for this. 36. My friends all approve. :) 37. He just takes care of me. Plain and simple. 38. Believe it not, there's a little Kanye West in that guy who jumps out now and then and starts rapping. You got it--another gut laugh. 39. I am so thankful to have him in my life, and excited to see what the new year holds for us as we enter a new relationship. 40. Happy Birthday Jeff!! I hope we begin your 40th YEAR off with many memories together (that don't include any broken bones!) we attempt your first skiing adventure! Thanks for being just who you are, and holding my hand in public. ;) **If this posts correctly, it will post today (Jan 30th) on J's birthday! (old geezer! hehe)


  1. Happy Birthday Jeff!! Hope ya'll had a great trip!

  2. Taking from a classic moment in the movie Jerry McGuire...."You had me at #28"!!

    I saw a shirt one time, that I meant to buy and now can't find it again, that said "You had me at War Eagle!" :)

    Seriously, Jeff sounds FANTASTIC, even if he only did half the things on this list!! :) I'm so happy for you, many blessings to both of you on this journey together!

  3. Happy birthday, Jeff! Sounds like she likes you a little. I am glad you both had a great trip and madeb special memories.