Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Paint Your Wish Day!

A few weekends ago we invited our local "wish kids" from the area to all get together for a very special day! The invitations said to "Paint Your Wish!" and that's exactly what we did!
In just a few weeks, we'll be having a fundraiser, with a great band, and yummy food, and raffle, and auction items....all to raise money to grant more wishes in our local area for the Make-A-Wish Foundation!
(Check out the Mickey Mouse below!)
SO....we thought what better auction item than paintings, from our very famous, very talented, wish children themselves!!
Some decided to go Abby...whose wish was to be a Disney princess last year!
And Talisia...well, she wants to meet the President! (And apparently, she wants him to wear shiny red shoes when she meets him!) Her wish will be granted later this year when she spends a day at the White House!
And then there's my man, Jake, who met Sponge Bob last year, on his Nickelodeon cruise and got slimed! See Sponge Bob? See the purple dolphin he got to swim with? See his glasses sliding off his nose? Could he BE any cuter?!?!
And the beautiful Lauren, who after an awesome luau send-off party, went to Hawaii for a week! What an artist!
I can't imagine more perfect auction items, and just know these precious paintings will bring in lots of donations to make more wishes come true for more wonderful children very soon!

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