Sunday, October 17, 2010

A Hot Date and a Sad Goodbye

Last Friday night Jeff and I got "all fancy like" and went to the ATL for a fun date! This handsome guy spoiled me rotten, and cleans up pretty well too, I gotta say! We ate dinner at Morton's Steakhouse, and after I recovered from sticker shock....I enjoyed every bite!
The next morning, we met Haley and her family at the ATL airport....apparently she really is moving to Korea after all! I wouldn't believe it until I saw it for myself!
After we checked all her luggage, we headed to security for lots of hugs and to let the waterworks begin! Jeff was in charge of Haley's carryon...Maiya, her cat! haha!
Haley and her mama, let the huggin' begin! Sayin' goodbye! (I think her dad was keeping his distance...he was definitely in denial!)
I miss you already Haley, and its only been a week! Come home soon! You dont even like Korean food!! (I think it's really "dog" anyway!) Come back!

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