Thursday, August 18, 2011

Charlie Daniels granted a WISH, yall!

Here are the top 5 things I love this week:
1. Charlie Daniels
2.  Make-A-Wish Foundation
3. Fiddles
4. BIG hearts
5.  Reeses peanut butter cups

Ok, so maybe Reeses have absolutely nothing to do with this post....but my tummy is growling and I might just give up on that New Year's Resolution....

Anyway....So if you'll remember, the most amazing thing happened recently.  Charlie Daniels himself approached our local Board and wanted to do something special for MAW.  SO...he signed one of his very own fiddles and sent it our way!  We've been selling tickets to raffle that puppy off ever since, and on Monday we tossed all those tickets in a big ol' bowl.
And I rounded up some of the cutest WISH Lauren here.  Who's like a kid sister to me now.  And not so much a kid, but a beautiful almost 21 year old young lady who just started Nursing School!  And is in REMISSION from cancer.  Whoop Whoop!!  God is SO Good!
And my main squeeze Jake, who was my date for the evening.  I'm definitely not SpongeBob, but I do know he loves me too.  He's stolen my heart for sure!
Jake and Lauren met up with with rest of the Columbus Board at Country's BBQ for dinner Monday night for the big reveal.  These people are from all ends of the community:  construction, banking, medical, radio, civic center, military....we're reaching everybody we can!  And they give their valuable time to sell raffle tickets, and find sponsorships, and plan fundraisers, and support the cause that has stolen my heart.  (And we're always recruiting more, you interested?? ;)
So Jeff, who's on the Board, and by far my biggest supporter, has fallen in love with these kids and Make-A-Wish as much as I have.  In fact, Robinson Paving has now "adopted" the Make-A-Wish Foundation so to speak, as their philanthropy of choice.   All the guys have been so supportive in granting wishes. I am forever grateful.

But I must say here, around Jeff's office, the fiddle raffle might have been the biggest hit so far.  Everyone wanted this thing.  But none more than my guy.  He bought 75 flippin' tickets.  He was licking his chops to open this case at dinner and look at the fiddle he just knew would soon be hanging in his pool room.

So before Jeff tried to bribe Jake (oh, wait...that did happen)...the bowl was raised and our youngest wish kid dug deep for a winner!
Jake took his sweet time reading out the lucky golden ticket, might I add.
And though I am so happy the ever-funny Robert Wolford won, and for his gracious support of Make-A-Wish, I couldn't help put double over laughing at my love and putting on his best smile which I can read straight through to mean "wellI'llbedamn" face after realizing all that money and all those tickets and all those odds.  Yet no fiddle.  hehehehehe
So with that, we called Robert Wolford and congratulated him on his big win and thanked him for his support.  And we wrapped up dinner and said our goodbyes.  I did have to pry Jake away from Lauren, I won't lie....  I love that my wish kids are like family, to me and each other. 
And then this cute guy I know drove my date Jake home because it was a school night and he had to write his spelling words four times each.  And Lauren apparently had a hot date (who she brought with her to dinner for me to check out!).  Only Lauren cut me at the knees when she texted and said (and I quote) "Jenn!  I'm bring the nurse to dinner!  I'm so excited for you to meet Logan! You have to give me your opinion after.  Don't say anything embarrassing ok!"  Wow.  I feel so old suddenly.  I've said those same words TO MY PARENTS!!! want to know the best part about these sweet faces?  We raised enough money off those little $5 raffle tickets to grant a wish for another sweet face just like it.  Jeff and I rushed home and dumped out the kitty and counted a total of $2,875!

Did you hear me people??    $2,875 thanks to Charlie Daniels.  A fiddle.  Big Hearts.  For Make-A-Wish.

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  1. Love, love, love this post! Makes me laugh and cry all at once.