Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Talk About A Handful!

Last weekend I went to Mobile to see some of the most special people in my world!  My precious friend Leah has a new bundle of joy, Caroline Ann Allen, who graced us with her presence a month early, and at 3 weeks old is a woppin' 7 pounds now!  (Which is tee-tiny for me considering my mom gave birth to 9 and 10 pound babies!)

She is the best baby, mostly sleeping now, but when she was awake, was so curious looking all over the room.  I love this angel so much already!  Needless to say, she is a welcome SURPRISE to the Allen household! 

And I say surprise, because she joins a big brother and sister who are just 15 months old!!  Mary Miller and Hayes might be the funniest and cutest little people I know!  

First off, I instantly bond with MM because we have similar thighs....

And though I'm not built lean and mean like my buddy Hayes, my heart melts when he lets me cuddle with him.

By the way, that would be a little leftover mac-n-cheese on Hayes from The Hungry Owl in Mobile, where we ate for lunch.  I just know Leah picked this place with me in mind?  ;)  EVERYTHING was owl-tastic!  I even tried to buy a planter from the waiter  (who we're pretty sure was high) but it didn't happen.  This restaurant was featured on Man Vs. Food, and for good reason...everything was great!  So, I give it 5 HOOTS!

Casey Lassiter, Lindsey Knight and I came down for one last weekend in Mobile before the Allen's send the PODS up north.  Let me give you a run down of how much less full your calendar will seem after you peek into their lives right now.... So they have Caroline at 36 weeks, twins turn 15 months, sell and move out of their Mobile house, one week after baby #3 arrives they temporarily move into mother-in-laws (that's with twins and a newborn and everything that didn't fit into 2 PODS!) the next fews weeks, they will transfer furniture, then family into new home in Homewood...WHEW!  I'm dizzy.  And have been so impressed with how cool and calm they are about it all!  They juggle babies, phone calls, diapers, and carseats like champs!

Mary Miller loves giving kisses to the baaaby.
 Sweet sisters.  (If you're curious, Hayes could care less....)

 I'm afraid I might have spooked her with the flash!  But she was so alert for so long while we were there!  Must've been all the girl talk....she didn't want to miss any gossip, of course!

All us girls, with all them babies!  What a handful! And I honestly couldn't think of better parents for these precious little people.  Congrats Leah and Brian, love you both!!

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