Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A Big Heart

This year I met a man with the most kind soul, and a BIG HEART.  So let me tell you his story.  (I wish I had taken his picture, but I didnt...)

Mr. Ludy lives in this home in Columbus.  About four months before Christmas he climbs on his roof, on ladders, all over the yard, and decorates until it's just right.  :)

 He designs it himself, then constructs the figures, strings the lights, and even bought the rights to a local radio station to have synchronized music playing to the flashing of lights.....and bada-bing-bada-boom, there you go!
The best part about Mr. Ludy and this display he creates every year is that he collects donations for something you all know is so close to my heart.  As people drive by, or pull over so their children can get out and walk up and meet Santa (on the weekends), you can make a donation to the Make-A-Wish Foundation!  Over the last five years, his donations have grown tremendously, just from a 5 gallon bucket in his driveway!  Year one was $1,200 and just last year he raised $7,400! 
 Jeff took his kiddos by last week, and then again the two of us went again.  We stopped and talked to Mr. Ludy, let him know we will be his support if every he needs it, and asked him why he chose MAW as a philanthropy.  Did he know a wish child personally?  Did he maybe have a family member who was granted a wish?  He answered so simply it brought tears to my eyes....Mr. Ludy said as he thought of a way to give back, and involve his passion in doing so (electronics), "What better way to do so at Christmas than granting the wish of a child."
Couldn't have said it better myself.  So if you're in town, the Ludy Lights will be shining bright through New Years.  Someone called it the Griswold's on speed, and I suppose that's about accurate.  :)  Check 'em out at and make a donation!  It's no Fantasy In Lights, and not meant to be.  This will impress you in a whole different way, that one man, and a whole lot of lights, can make a wish come true.  Literally.

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