Friday, December 9, 2011

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

I do love this season!  There's nothing better!  Well, my friend Tara would argue...she loves the fall because of the weather, and football, and Halloween, and maybe her birthday too...and that's tough to argue with.  ;)  And my girl Anna Kate would vote for Easter, right?   And believe me, the way she decorates, she should!

BUT....there's something about Jeff huffing as he pulls out my unloading my 9 boxes of Christmas decorations and getting all the trees up while watching black and white Christmas movies and setting up the nativity and wrapping presents in rediculously big bows.....

Anyway, another reason I LOVE December is because we host a Make-A-Wish Christmas Party every year.  It's our selfish way of seeing all our families again really and hugging the necks of all those angels.  :)

 This year it was at Eastern Heights Baptist Church, and was the perfect place for the occasion.  Macon Road BBQ fed us lunch, Columbus Corner for dessert, and of course Santa surprised us all with goodies for everyone!  The day turned out perfect as always, for these children deserve nothing but the best!!

 In other news this weekend, I got to spread a little Christmas cheer at Jeffrey's too, which made my heart happy.  I love that in his 'neck of the woods,' everything I want to decorate with is in the yard, or a Kubota ride away.  No trip to Hobby Lobby necessary!  Jeff patiently cut branches and watched me overload every horizontal surface of his home then I gracefully adorned a few areas (inside and out) with our trimmings.  :) 
 And we welcomed out of the attic the "man tree" from last year, with a few new ornaments I'd been stashing.  The shotgun shell lights are definitely the highlight of the tree.  What will he do when I inform him one day this tree will be retired from its home in the living room.....???
 Ah yes, and Scrooge himself suggested hunting down some mistletoe.  I'm calling you out, love.  I proudly hung it, and got my first smooch of the Christmas season.  He may not admit it, because I suppose I go overboard enough for the both of us during this time of year, but I'm pretty sure he likes the holly, and bows, and twinkly lights, and music, and that one verse I can't get out of my head of "Baby It's Cold Outside."  I'm like the red nose to his rudolph.
Merry Christmas, friends!  It's my favorite time of the year, what's yours?

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  1. You will be so proud of me, I'm really trying harder with Christmas and the girls each have their own trees! That puts me only about 20 behind you now right?! Can't wait to see pics of all of your decor, including any new hoots you've added this year!