Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A Christmas Play

The Sunday before Christmas Jeff and I went to church at his mama's church, Oakland Baptist, which is a sweet little country church where everybody knows your name.  His brother and sister-in-law go here too, and after church their 5 year daughter Abigail came up to us and in her irresistable little voice said, "Uncle Jeff, Miss Jennifer--will you pweease come to my pway tonight??" 

Well--have mercy.  How do you say no to that face?? 
So we were back there Sunday afternoon, with front row seats, Nikon in hand, and with cousin Rani piled in my lap, for the festivities to begin.
 And Abigail played her role of the Angel sharing tidings of the Good News perfectly!
 So did the rest of the sweet little children of the church, as they acted out the Christmas Story.
 When the little children were done, the youth and some adults have a more light-hearted (ok, hilarious) play to put on to share the news of Jesus' birth, that had me gut-laughing in my seat! 
 Afterward, we spent time together and ate some wonderful food in the fellowship hall of the church.  I had to take this picture of Loretta, Jeff's sister-in-law on the right, and her friend Shaundra who were both in the play.  They both used his dad's overalls as props and were cracking us up the whole time!  I can't tell if Mr. Rainey was loving this picture with the ladies, or thought we all were half crazy!

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