Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Double-Header = Double Smiles

Christmas shoppers can't touch the shopping mania I had the privilege of being a part of last weekend!

We granted TWO wishes in Columbus, both shopping sprees, both requiring major naps afterwards :), and both OH SO worth it!

First off was this young man, Trevon, who's fighting ALL Leukemia like a man.  He wished to go to Best Buy (he specifically had his eye on a new tv and an iPod touch).

 We surprised him Saturday morning with balloons, signs, and a limosuine of his very own to cruise us to Best Buy....where the store manager was there to greet us at the door!  As we walked inside, the manager had arranged for practically every employee to be lined up waiting to cheer him on like a quarterback entering the field!  It was priceless!
 Terri and I were so pleased with the personalized touch Best Buy gave to Trevon.  Every department was ready and waiting for us, and so excited to be of service.  He smiled from ear to ear all day! 
 His body may have given out a bit by the end of a very successful shopping spree, but I'd say his mind was still going a mile a minute, as to what he should tear into first when he got home!!  We ended up with a PS3, lots of games, a 37"TV and stand, ipod Touch, new cell phone, and even a laptop!!
 Show me the money!!!!!
 With our first successful checkout (and I won't lie, I felt a bit like an extreme couponer for a bit, watching the total go up...and up...) Trevon paid the man his dollar-billz, ya!
 Oh but wait, we dont waste a penny around here, so with literally the last $1.50 we had, he ran back for candy, and our final transaction!
 Trevon left a happy boy, and we left with a mission accomplished.  To give a little "normal" to a kid who hasn't seen so much of it lately.  I hope his mother has to pry the door of his room he's having so much fun with all his new toys....because that means his wish came true!

On Sunday, we did it all again!  Meet Rabbit, and a positively infectious smile!  I suppose his birth certificate says Alijundro, but he goes by "Rabbit"....because 'I'm so fast!' 

Rabbit has Rhabdomyosarcoma, a mouthful right?  It's cancer, and a mean one, that spread from his back to his chest to his legs and even muscle tissue.  So our personal mission for this angel face was to make that nasty monster disappear for as long as possible and make his biggest wish come true!  And for Rabbit, it was to go crazy in Gamestop and Walmart!!
 So Sunday morning, again armed with balloons, signs, big smiles, hugs and kisses, we surprised Rabbit and family with our favorite limo escort and headed to Gamestop where he did just that...went crazy!!
 We left with a new PS3 and 14 games!!!  And a new buddy in the owner!  Oh, and a little sidebar here, as a Christmas crowd-patroling police woman was writing a ticket outside for OUR limo parked just outside the door in a firelane, we quickly stopped her, telling her we're with the Make-A-Wish Foundation and we're granting a wish this very minute!!  Well, wouldn't you know before we even left that cop was back in Gamestop with a wrapped gift she just ran down to Barnes and Noble and purchased, and made a special delivery just for the man of the hour!
 Our next stop was Walmart, and in true Walmart fashion, they never disappoint!  Half the store was outside cheering for my little celebrity man as we pulled up!  May I even say I learned they had announced us on the intercom prior to our arrival and invited even patrons to join them outside, and they did!
 When I say Rabbit's smile is infectious, I mean it!!  Look at this face as he climbed out of the limo!  He was so excited (and embarrassed!!)  He had half the employees laughing, and the other half crying!!
Walmart spoiled us rotten, with decorated buggies of all his favorite things:  a new PS3 game, Spiderman cupcakes, a basket full of skittles and starburst, and even Spiderman pinata hood ornaments for our buggies! We were given a personal shopper too we could not have lived with out!   (Look at every eye on Rabbit....oh, how I love that!)
 After a long day of shopping, all we wanted to do was eat...and where else but Rabbit's favorite restaurant...McDonald's, DUH.  Walmart also gave us the hook up there of course.  We knew right where to sit when we arrived. :)
 As we checked out with new sneakers, and toys, and Kindle, and TV....again we were a few cents shy.  By now we know the drill of course.  So we spent that last buck on CANDY of course!!
It was another good day, where a child learned that dreams really do come true.  That you can wish BIG!  And I bet he even had sweet dreams. :)  I know I did. 

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  1. You rock JennSimp! I'm so happy to see you make so many people smile! Especially this time of year!