Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Girls Night!

Oh, how I've been waiting on this day to come for so long!  My dear friend Haley came home from Korea for the holidays, and after spending Christmas with her family she came to stay with ME!!  There was lots of missing work (oops), shopping, manis and pedis, hair cuts, and lunches, and late nights, and one super fun dinner with our Columbus girlfriends!

Aren't they the cutest bunch you've ever seen!

We dined on some of my favorite Pioneer Woman dishes, like rosemary potatoes and whiskey glazed carrots.
And Haley got to catch us all up on her Korean adventure and her next year that will be spent in HAWAII!
I do love any excuse for a girls night, and this was the best reason of all of course!  No matter what our weeks are like, it's nothing a little vino and girl time can't cure! 

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