Tuesday, January 24, 2012

She's Gone Country

Look closely, friends.  Those aren't tickets to Lady Antebellum.  It's for "PBR."  And this chicka (dressed as cowgirl-chic as possible) claimed her seat and enjoyed every minute!!
Here are some of my favorite pictures...this proved to be a great opportunity to practice some action shots with my camera actually.  But there were several moments, I could hardly focus for fear some poor boy was about to lose some very important man parts as he flew over the head of a very angry, and very well-horned bull. 

I sat next to Jennifer, who's married to Jeff's brother Adam (Jeff likes to call her the "Old Jennifer" to aggrevate the snot out of her, she has me by a whopping 2 years).  Little did he know we sat and talked about him the whole time.  Ya know, the Old Jennifer and New Jennifer, swapping notes about mean ol' Jeff.  :)
 Jeff make live on a farm, and may have grown up driving tractors, but this is about as country as he comes, bless his heart.  And I love him even more for the fact he dry-cleans every shirt he owns.   :)
 Rani is the cutest thing on earth, especially in her new pink hat Uncle Jeff bought her.  He's such a sucker for brunettes, what can I say!
 Abigail hung with her own mama waaaaay on the other end of our row, but smiled big for the camera with her cousin in their matching pink cowboy hats!  Too, too cute!
 As usual, we had a great night with the whole Robinson crew, and I loved doing something totally out of the ordinary.  Of course, every other weekend I'm surrounded by cows and donkeys, but you get the picture. 
To keep us in check after PBR, and to make this fun night even funner (because that's totally a word) Jeff suggested we go to a local cigar/martini bar, something we havent attempted in years.  I promise you we totally acted our age, and got home at a very decent hour.  We laughed at how our night began at the ever popular Longhorn Steakhouse, then off to some bullriding, then dancing at a martini bar....it couldn't have been more random, or any more delightful had we planned it out.

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