Sunday, January 8, 2012

Ringing in 2012!

New Year's Weekend couldn't have started off any better!  Jeffrey texted me Thursday night from a duck hunt he ditched me for and informed me he was kidnapping me.  I was to be at home Friday afternoon at 3pm with a dinner dress, playclothes, and toothbrush.  And just to suck up he said "and make up, like you need it."  Aint he sweet.  :)  
Now, I wasn't born yesterday.  And he's no planner.  So I knew this was something he cooked up on the fly to to make me smile since he got to go duck hunting at the last minute.  So, I quit pouting....and smiled. 

He picked me up on Friday and we darted up to Hot-lanta for a little dinner date, but he scored even more brownie points as we checked in the hotel behind my beloved Auburn Tigers!  Apparently, the Hilton is the official host of the Chick-fil-A bowl, so it was FLOODED in orange and blue!  And we were loving it!

We hung out in the lobby bar for a while, stalking the players and coaches, before getting ready for dinner then finally suited up and headed out. 
We ate at one of our favorites, Morton's, and we always overdress because we never get a chance to in Columbus and we like to feel all fancy!  Plus my guy is so handsome, isnt he? 

I drank yummy martini's and ate the most divine filet, and we ended the night at the Hilton bar where we were quite entertained by the football fans talking a little smack pre-bowl game.  After a little shopping on Saturday, it was back to reality and Columbus, where we had New Year's Eve plans to carry out!

After a quick wardrobe change (and 100 miles on the road, and talking Jeff's ear off) we met up with Haley and her friend Scott for dinner at Buckhead Grill back in town.

And more martini's, this one was peanut butter....different, but yummy!
After dinner, we headed out to Lake Harding to Rich and Chrissie's to ring in the new year, and our view from the sleu was beautiful with all the homes little up for a little party time!
And I couldn't be more excited to ring in the new year once again with this guy by my side.
And these three girls made it pretty special too!
We stayed by the bonfire roasting s'mores, and eating boiled peanuts, while the boys manned the ipod from the pontoon.
But come the strike of '12, we busted out the crystal fireside for a little toast, and when we realized Chrissie pulled out some twist top champagne (nothing but the best!), Rich insisted on making a "cork pop" for effect!

Then every house in the 'hood (or on the water) lit up the sky for thirty minutes!  It was awesome!  But then things got strange....
Mama Chrissie passed out glow stick bracelets to all her chil'un so we wouldn't get lost in the dark.
And the neighbor showed up in a robe straight out of his hottub....
And then Jeff felt compeled to twirl me (to the longest song ever) around the open flames.

Among other things!  But it was one heckuva night, and so much fun to ring in the new year with some of my best friends and the guy who stole my heart.  I cannot wait to see what this year holds for me, and all of you!  Happy New Year, friends!

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  1. First, WAR EAGLE! Second, what a FUN-O-RAMA weekend! Love all the pics!