Thursday, January 5, 2012

A Year in Review

2011 was a blast in my world.  Here are some moments that completed it.

In January.....we had an icy/snow storm,  I became one with the heifers, and I celebrated my best friend's birthday on a warm Sunday afternoon and baked him my first cheesecake ever.

In February....we celebrated my birthday at BrettonWoods on the slopes of Mt. Washington in the most beautiful grand hotel I've ever laid eyes on, and had a much needed girls weekend in Birmingham.

In March....we made two wishes come true in the same day!  And I attended by beloved OOC Weekend yet again, and as always, it gets better every time!

In April, I helped sprinkle my sweet friend Ashley and baby girl Mallory, milked a cow, and spent Easter weekend with my love and his clowns, and you couldn't have slapped the happy off my face if you tried.  I wrapped up April shaken to my core in the wake of Alabama's deadly tornados.  I stood where a friend's home was hours before, and prayed prayers of thanks, for safety, and second chances, and mercy.

In May, I went to my dear friends, The Warners, Crawfish Boil, celebrated our moms on Mother's Day, and spent many lazy days poolside.  Oh, and gave Sarah the playground of her dreams!


In June....we celebrated our dads on Father's Day, and celebrated Miss Abigail turning 5, Hello Kitty style of course!

In July, we laughed a lot, and celebrated my best friend Haley coming home with friends over for the 4th of July.  I also went to Orange Beach with the whole Simpson crew to celebrate Grandmother's 85th birthday, and attended the ever popular "Niece Reunion!"

In August, I made a road trip to Mobile to see the newest addition to the Allen household, baby Caroline, wish kid Jake drew the winning ticket for the Charlie Daniels fiddle, and PawPaw turned 81 years old!  We wrapped up August with a trip to Destin, much needed and well deserved!
In September, I sent Crystal off to Chicago to meet her favorite celebrity, and I went hunting with my love.

In October, I hosted an Evening of Wishes, tailgated on the Plains, and sent Brittany to Disney World to meet Mickey Mouse!

In November, I sprinkled Anna Kate and baby Libby, and spent some girl time with my sweet friends and new babies in Birmingham.

And finally in December, I hosted a Christmas Party for all my precious wish kids, went crazy shopping with Trevon and Rabbit, and wrapped up the year with the people I love most!

No doubt about it, it was a good year, with so many memories.  But 2012 is going to be even better.  I can just feel it!  Look out, friends!  Happy New Year!

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