Monday, February 27, 2012

I'm Too Old to Fill a Vase.

That's what the florist told Jeff this year, at least.  For the last three years, he's sent me the number of roses as to my age.... But this year the florist called him and said she's "She's maxing out at 32!  Next year I'll have to break them up and double-fist vases to bring her 33!"  HA!

This is not a terrible problem to have, and let me say, 32 roses in one monstrous vase, looks like a wedding arrangement!  I could not even move it on my desk!  It was breath-taking!  And they were the most gorgeous yellow, with orangey-red tips....  At times, Jeff surprises me how well he knows me, and remembers things I will say only once.  I have NEVER gotten flowers with baby's breath (ugh) and NEVER received red roses, they have always been some unique color, because I am not ordinary (his words, not mine). 

So, for the record, my birthday started out extremely well, though believe it or not, I was trying to ignore it this year....I know, I know, I'm not looking for a "birthday week" anymore.  Actually, I never have been, yall have always just loved me so much and given me one.

So worked draaaaaaaggggggeeeeeddddd on, and when I finally got home, Jeff opened the door, with his arms full of these.  I think he's found his personal shoppers in town now.  Pursona and The Blue Door Boutique have just made his life (and mine!) so much easier! 
 I even got a little Bday shout out from the girls at TBD, and if you out-of-towners are wondering (Virginia!), how nice they are's your answer.

So next up, Jeffrey and I got cleaned up for dinner, which ended up being a bit of an adventure, I'll spare you the details... 

But J put every effort into it, I know, as he always does.  And regardless of any and everything that could possbly go wrong (like the location, menu, atmosphere, hehe) .... my date always makes me feel like I'm the only one in the room. 

Saturday night Jeff cooked for me, and this, so you know, is my kind of date night.  Jeff, had salmon on the grill, and king crab legs in a huge pot boiling, and my only job was to sit and keep him company! 

After a very relaxing weekend, the celebration didnt quite stop yet either!  My two precious friends Brandi and Lisa took me to a wonderful dinner at The Black Cow, where I would have used any excuse, be it a bday, or promotion, GNO, or just 'cause it's Wednesday!, reason to eat dinner with these two!  They are my go-to for everything!  And in true Brandi-Lisa fashion, they suprise me with prizes (OWL prizes of course!) and these yummy cupcakes to end the night with! 
Now, I happen to be a near-Valentine's baby...only four days shy.  This sucks for Jeff, because I'm a sucker for holidays.  He gets Easter baskets, and Valentines gifts, and cards for every season of the year.  And to-date, he plays along very nicely with this.  Don't get me wrong, he may know I hate baby's breath, but he completely forgets when we have a trip scheduled, or something much more significant.  Again:  Jeff = guy.  I don't even expect things for Valentines considering the proximity to my bday, though cards (with his words, not Hallmarks) make me swoon (which too, is rare).  So when THESE were delivered, I was totally floored!
I just knew he could be a good boyfriend when he wants to!  And that's what a call a birthday week!

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  1. OMG! Soooo jealous of all your TBD merchandise! I seriously need to drive over one day and experience it all in person!