Sunday, February 5, 2012

February Begins!

This weekend started in Atlanta with my OOC girls as we sprinkled 61 and Baby Carter and had some much needed, and oh so fun, girl time! 
This next 6 weeks cannot go by fast enough (I'm sure 61 feels the same way!!) until baby Carter arrives and I can love on her sweet cheeks!

We also went to an early birthday dinner for Rigsby, and got to spend time with her precious twin boys Woodson and Rigsby, who I havent seen since they were tiny!  Now they are certainly on the move!!  I'm bummed to report I never got the camera out when I got to met baby Libby, Anna Kate's newest addition, who is simply delicious!!

When I got home, Jeff told me wings were for dinner and he had a house full of hungry clowns, if I was interested in joining them.  And even wings and teenagers don't scare me.

After dinner, we convinced daddy to build a fort for the evening's sleeping quarters for Emmy and her cousin, Amy.....and that's pretty much where we spent the rest of the evening.  Well, except Kyle, who's 16 now, and a little too cool for our fort (hence the peace sign).

 Jeff, who's fighting a major cold, lasted .5 seconds in the fort before passing out.  That left the girls and me only only one option to do to daddies who fall asleep in their forts....(I convinced them to lay off the bowl of cold water, they did have to sleep there after all.)
 So we pulled out the markers and opened Robinson Ink.
I believe the smerk from Jeff was after he cracked an eye and realized what had that point, there was no turning back.  Emmy is t.r.o.u.b.l.e and I was loving it!
 When Jeff sufficiently looked like a walking box of Crayola, we ventured into the kitchen and started a late night cooking project.  They were wide awake, I had convinced them to NOT to dye my hair blue (at least for now), and that making frozen popsicle muffins was a much more normal idea.  There were no popsicles for snacking (or popsickle tins for that matter), so we improvised, mixed our own flavors, and wa-laah! 
It was a great weekend, with old friends and babies, forts and wings, Jeffrey and the clowns.  What a way to kick of February!


  1. Thank you so much for coming! AND for the pedi!! Yippee! If the govt does some layoffs, you know where you can find work! LOL! It was a fun weekend, and I was so glad to share it with you!

  2. Well, it looks like you kick started February very nicely! LOVE the tatoo session...real trooper of a Dad....and the popsicles, delightful! And by the way...I'm not scared of teenagers either...must be due to our good family genetics! :)