Thursday, February 2, 2012

My Birthday Boy

I like this guy for a lot of reasons.  This weekend I celebrated him in as many ways, some embarrassing, some sweet, that I could think of, because it was his birthday.  And on birthdays, if you know me at all, it's ALL ABOUT YOU!

For that reason, he got to go hunting all day, and practically all night Friday night, leaving me pacing the floor for him to get home....with streamers and balloons and presents and cards waiting to greet him.  Though I grew up a hunter's daughter, I'll never like how it takes all my winter weekends away when all I want to do is snuggle and watch tv on lazy, cold Saturdays. 
Anyway....he arrives.  He, wades through balloons, showers, and we grab a late dinner.  We wrap up dinner with birthday drinks, and by the end of the night, the band serinades him with "Happy Birthday to You" to the guy who said he was 39 and holding....  To which the lead singer said "Honey, it's a good thing you're wearing those cowboy boots, 'cause it's sure getting deep in here!"  ha! 
Saturday night we meet up with friends and family for round #2 of birthday celebrating.  I believe he is still 39 and holding in this picture.
His little brother Adam, and wife Jennifer, joined us, because Adam just had a birthday too this week.  They're not but 360 days apart, and more like twins, if you ask me.  If you ask Adam, he's also 39 and holding....
Of course these boys got a camoflauge cake, what else?
See what I mean about the twin thing?  And clearly brunettes are their vice!  ;)
After dinner we headed to the bowling alley, and met up with "our lake friends" Rich and Chrissie, who had been on a little date night themselves.
The boys proceeded with what became a very intense (and rediculously long) bowling tourney.....  And I was so happy everyone was having a blast!
By the end of the night, Adam definitely had his groove down!
And I'd say these boys had a good birthday together!
Sunday was a total disaster, so lets just say we put the celebration on pause....  There were uninvited guests that crashed the party....namely, a plunger, then Roto Rooter, then Home Depot, then Columbus Water Works, then a rat.  Then my checkbook.  Need any more details?  Didnt think so.

So Monday was Jeff's actual birthday!  Amazing how someone can go from 39 and holding to 42 overnight right?  I love every single grey hair, every winkle and laugh line, and every pop of the knee, every freckle.  I love every bit of what the past 41 years have done to you, Jeff, because they brought you to me.  I look forward to your 42nd year, and then I look forward to 42 more with you.

Roscoe loves Jeff like I do.  So much so, he pulled me aside and said "Mama, I'd really like to get Dad something nice.  I don't want to sound conceited, but how 'bout a picture of myself.  Yall are always looking at me funny and stuff." 

So I went along with, because we love this rescue hound to pieces.  He has more personality than the two of us, most of the time.  And let's face it, we do look at him and laugh, so why not hang him up.  So I found, an amazing artist, and wa-lah....

And as required, Jeff had his pick of all the dinners in the land.  He of course chose two things I've never made in my LIFE.  Steak marsala and creme brulee for dessert.  Both of which I medaled in of course.  Jeffrey ate on the Special Plate, because after all, today, he was very very special.
Happy Birthday, Jeff.  Thanks for making memories with me.

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  1. Happy (albeit late) birthday, Jeff! And wow, he and his brother do look a TAD bit alike! :) And the steak marsala, well, it looks to die for!! YUM! You do have my bday marked in your calender, right? ;)