Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Spring in a camera phone

Here's a snapshot (literally) of what's been going on this spring through a poor quality little Droid lense.  It's been fast and slow, up and down, here and there, town and country.  But at the end of the day, I'm right where I wanna be.

Jeffrey and I had a super fun date night at the River Center to see Ron White, and laughed until our bellies ached.  My date was by far the most handsome there, and it had nothing to do with the fact some people actually dare show up in shorts, Big Johnson t-shirts, and dip hanging from their mouth.  I guess Ron is right.....You can't fix stupid.....

 We headed up to Anniston for a quick overnight trip to my parents, and double dated to my childhood friend, Jenny Bowen's wedding in Bham.  How did I miss a picture with the bride??  I did snag a picture with my handsome father before we found the dessert bar....  then it was every man for himself!  What a wedding, and what a celebration for such special people!
 I won't lie....we've done a lot of this.....  We even played hookie from work once.  There's just something about that sunshine, right love.  ;)
 Oh, this might be one of the best weekends I had in a while!  And there was absolutely nothing scheduled, which is so rare.  We pigged out at Bonefish one night, baked by the pool all day (can't you tell??) and then dined at Buckhead the next night with friends.  The night ended downtown at the Loft listening to live music outside.
 See, I do have a real job other than working with Make-A-Wish!  I climb on roofs! Here, I was doing an inspection of a hangar roof at our airfield at Ft. Benning.  If you require stats:  our airfield is huge, we land C-130's, as well as Air Force One.  Inside that hangar are Blackhawks (of which I've ridden in).  It was approximately 72 degrees at 9am in this picture.  My top and jeans of course are from The Blue Door.  And I was pretty as I peach as I walked out of the house that morning, but by 9:30 up there, it's amazing what a metal roof, rayon, and that sunshine will do to a girl 100 feet in the air.  Hot.Mess.  Whew.
 Jeff is one with the cows.  What more can I say.  Do you think it's strange too that they just walk up and ask for a little scratch behind the ears??  Well, if you ask Frank, he'd say no, because we're BFF, but the bovine are a bit different with me.  If they only knew what Jeff could do to a ribeye.
 Lots and lots of this goes on.  Our afternoon ritual after work nearly every day.  Roscoe is never ashamed to be the third wheel. 
 There's been lots of laziness and lots of travels, but one of the most important things I could say happened in the last few weeks was that I joined the Bone Marrow Registry.  I can't believe I'm not on there already frankly, giving blood as often as I do, but I am now.  And I hope one day they call me and tell me I'm a match for someone.  It's free.  For now its just spit.  Later, it could be platelets, or bone marrow (like a spinal tap but in your hip bone).  It doesnt feel pleasant, you'll be back to work in less than a week, and it's not deadly.  But leukemia is. My buddy Noah is a wish kid I granted a wish for in 2009, and his leukemia has returned with a vengence.  He's stuck in Egleston on chemo treatments, and the docs say his real hope will be a bone marrow donor.  So, I quickly swabbed myself, in hopes of helping Noah, but if not, with the hope of one day helping someone like him.  And if God forbid, something like this ever happened to me or someone I loved, somebody out there thought of sharing their swab of spit in hopes of matching me as well.  If you want more info, you can go to http://www.bethematch.org/   They will actually send you kits through the mail to swab yourself.
Anyhoo, I believe the phone dump is complete.  More to come!  Peace out bloggies!

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