Sunday, June 24, 2012

My Dad's Day

I'm supposed to say my dad is the greatest because he's my father, and he spoiled me rotten, and I'm his Punkin Head, and he protected me from all bad things in the world.  But seriously folks, as an adult, I see him in a whole different light.  I still see him as an amazing father, one I still call for advice, a shoulder to cry on, and someone to protect me and guide me.  But as an adult, I see him as such an amazing man.  As a community leader.  As a man children look up to.  As a best friend to others.  As a wonderful husband to my mother.  As a faithful Christian servant.  As a loyal son.  I don't know another man as special as he is, I believe the Good Lord broke the mold here!  I am so blessed to be his daughter, and so thankful to celebrate Father's Day with him!

I also got to love on my sweet PawPaw, who always keeps me smiling!  He's nearly 82 years young, and spent the weekend on the farm on daddy's new Gator enjoying dirt roads and big boy drinks!  I'm told what happens in Highland Home stays in Highland Home.....  This man has the key to my heart.
 And since the camera never made it out on Mother's Day, here's my beautiful mother, Happy belated Mother's Day, mama!!  You are my comic relief at the end of the day, and your phone calls always make me smile!  Your attitude in infectious, and spirit is inspiring.  I love you so much, and so proud to be your daughter!

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  1. Punkin, I remember my first day as a father; I reflected on the blessing received and wondered if I was up for the task. I had a great example to follow in my Dad, a hand picked partner to help me, and God's angels to back me up. I can still see your bright eyes and feel your tiny hand grip on my finger. Life is good and I'm proud of what you have become.