Monday, July 16, 2012

June Showers - Part 1

One of my dearest friends in Columbus, Brandi, is having a baby girl in September.  This has been a long road for her and her husband Capp, and I cannot think of two more deserving people for Baby Parker to be blessed with as parents. 

Along with a handful of other friends here, they have seen me through the lowest points of my adult life, and have made me smile and given me such encouragement.   Along with Lisa and Aimee, Capp and Brandi rushed to my side to even help me finish painting my old house so I could have it in tip top shape in order to sell it, when I needed to close an old chapter.  They have made me laugh and given me some of the funniest, and most memorable moments here as well, and I cherish so many fun times with them. 
So when the Lord finally decided, in His own time (doesn't it always work that way?), that these wonderful people will be parents again, I was so honored to host a couples shower with some wonderful friends to celebrate Baby Parker and her super cool parents!  Big brother Cale has been spoiled on his own long enough, time to make room for the Hetts-Party of Four!
We hosted the party on a Saturday evening at Amy Norris' family farm in the most beautiful cabin, lakeside.  The weather, food, drinks, and friends could not have been more perfect.
Oh, the dreaded pom-poms....but we made them work!!

 I love all these onesies Hadley made for Parker!  I wonder how many she'll go through in a day!?
This signature drink was definitely a party hit!

I'd say we were all smiles to be surrounded by this glowing mother-to-be, and so honored to be her friend.  I know I'm definitely a better person for it.  Brandi, I am so happy for you, and cannot wait to meet this sweet baby in a few short weeks!!  Love you, friend!

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