Thursday, July 26, 2012

She does NOT do themes!

That's what the eye-roll clearly indicated when Jeff pestered his not-so-baby-girl Emmy about her upcoming birthday, over and over.  How dare he even ask?  God love him, he's so stuck in the middle of an over-the-top girlfriend who ties ribbons around the napkins at every family get-together and has every serving piece on the market, and a daughter who is so simple and easy going, and blushes when all attention is on her.  Boy, have I got work to do!

Emmy's 14th birthday was Saturday, and I was so excited to be there for every minute of her special day!  Big brother picked her up that morning from spending the night at a girlfriends (ok, to be honest around noon....because apparently teenagers can actually sleep that long??) and J and I had this waiting in her room.....

Her old vanity had to go in a major way, and this one was just perfect.  I bedazzled the top just enough, and am crossing my fingers it stays this clean (YEAH right!).  She walked in, and to our delight, loved it!  Score!  She spent the next little while arranging her jewelry, makeup, etc. and then proudly showed us her new set up. 

On to the rest of the day.....I spent every minute of the day, cooking, decorating, and straightening up for our family birthday party that evening.  And it tickled me to no end that I had a teenager by my side the whole time.  New.territory.yall.  And on her birthday.  She helped me chop, and stir, and mix, and bake.  She helped me tie balloons, and hang lanterns, and set tables.  She even just sat at the bar and talked, and I listened...or I'd talk, and she'd listen.  Every day together, with the four of us, is really good now, but Emmy and I have had major walls up, which I completely understand.  It warms my heart to feel her taking those down, and letting me in her precious world.
When party time hits, it hits like a storm every time!  (And I totally snap out of "bonding mode!"  HA!)  It's game time!  Suddenly there are kids jumping on the trampoline, swimming in the pool, climbing up the slide, men on the grill, ladies in the kitchen, shoes, towels, bags, food everywhere.....dogs barking, cows mooing, horses running wild.....ok you get my point.....  And good gravy I wouldn't want it any other way!  In between Jeffrey and Adam manning our sliders on the grill (could they look any more like twins??) I catch a few winks as he passes through the kitchen, and I know I've done good. 

Kids are laughing and playing, appetizers are going down fast, and the birthday girl is on cloud 9.

I keep staring at these pictures of Emily.  I have so many over the past few years.  It's no lie that she would barely look at the camera, and then, hardly smile.  Now I can get her to give me a big teeth-y grin (which is something no one in the family would do).  Jeff will "smile with your teeth" now too, and they both have the most beautiful smiles.  And her eyes, oh my, like her daddy's, are incredible.  

And I dont have to say these things, I'm not her mama, or her daddy, so I only have to compliment when I want to.  I don't even have to blog about this if I'm being honest.  But she is beautiful.  Even if from the sidelines, I am loving watching her blossom into a young lady. 
For dinner Emmy requested burgers.  Of course I tried to kick up it up a notch as best as you can dress up burgers, so we had a bite-size sliders bar, with all the fixins'.  :)  I tried a Pioneer Woman baked bean recipe in my dutch oven Mimi gave me for Christmas, that I'm constantly looking for reasons to cook in, and it was a hit!
Again, could she be any cuter??  And Abigail certainly is crazy about her cousin.

For dessert we had a chocolate fondue bar, with fruits and pretzels and cookies and marshmellows....and Nana's poundcake for dippers!  Definitely the hit of the culinary evening (for kiddos and adults!)  We did have to take it outside though, in order to bribe the kids out of the pool....
After her fill of marshmellow....covered in fondue...dipped in sprinkles.....  she decided on a little cake with chocolate and sprinkles.  DUH!  This was about the time we started singing Happy Birthday, and her shy mode kicked in.
By the end of the night, the guests had gone home, everything was cleaned (sorta), we were all exhausted, and stretched out on deck.  My guys, his clowns, his girl, full bellies, and all smiles.  We make a great team, I have to admit, as crazy and awkward and slow it may seem at times.  I'm grateful for this four-man team we're becoming, because I can feel it becoming more silly and comfortable and normal....and real.

Happy Birthday to Miss Emily Lauren Robinson.  I am so proud of who you are becoming, and everything you stand for.  I love that you are a daddy's girl, the feeling is mutual, and I hope you never grow out of it (so does he).  I never did, and I can tell you he will move mountains for that beautiful teeth-showing smile I love.  I can't wait for our next hangout session, quality time with you is precious.  Even if I like themed parties.  ;)

Now GO PUT A TOWEL ON!  You look like a women, for pete's sake!!

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