Friday, July 20, 2012

June Showers - Part 2!

The last weekend in June I had the honor of helping to celebrate one of my best friends Casey, who is about to have a sweet baby boy Charlie in September!!  Casey has prayed for this blessing, and other than being the dad-gum cutest mother on earth, she will no doubt be one of the best too!  I cannot wait to meet this little man (that we FINALLY named!!).  :)

We had the shower at Leah's super cute home in Homewood, the best food from Ashley Mac's catered, and some yummy beverages (for the preggers, and non-preggers in the crowd :). 

Casey's friends and family filled the house, until I didn't think we could get one more in there, showing her just how much she, Blake, and little Charlie are loved to pieces!  And I couldn't agree more!

Casey, I cannot wait to meet your little man (LL, hehe) and for you to become a little mama!  Charlie has no idea how blessed he is already!  Love you, friend!

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