Friday, July 6, 2012

Inaugural Run for WISHES 5K!

Now this post has been a long time coming!  But it takes so much of my heart to sit and right about something I love so much, and to be honest I've just been so drained lately.  But this is way overdue, and I am so proud of this event, you just gotta know all about it.

First, my AMAZING friend Tara, designed our logo, which I proud displayed all over town on flyers, Facebook, banners, and our t-shirts.  Your efforts in making my mushed-up thoughts come to life and energy with such inspiration mean so much to me, my friend!
Next, I have the most amazing group of board members who help put this 5K together who all love Make-A-Wish with the same passion I do.  This was our first go round with a 5k, and most were completely clueless, but their enthusiam is contagious.  I only wish I had them all in this picture, but here is a sweet handful of helping hands.
Our event was held in "Uptown Columbus" (which is technically downtown) on a perfect April Saturday morning, and our local running company "Big Dog Running" assisted (I use this term lightly--they practically ran the whole show) in putting this together.  Columbus is such a big running town, so I've quickly learned that engaging Big Dog is a guarenteed way to get runners there on a Saturday morning.  We are so appreciative of their help, and to know how eager they were to support such a worthy cause.
 Our course was along the beautiful Riverwalk, and the the revitalized streets of downtown Columbus, and was a beautiful, but quick! run!  Before I knew it, the runners was back again!

 One of the most inspiring things at each MAW event we hold, is the willingness of other MAW families to give back.  Daniel, you've heard me talk about, is in remission for ALL (leukemia) and served as my official "race starter" and soon over came his fear of the blow horn and started the race like a champ!!  And he was the perfect helper at handing out trophies at the end of the race!
While his mom, Kim, helped volunteer (she worked a street corner, haha) his dad, who's never run a day in his life, ran that race.  In honor of his son.  And for all the wishes out there that still need granting.  GO DANNY!!

Xavier's wish was just granted this year, and is a very special boy.  He is surrounded with love, and his family is a walking example of the MAW motto...."hope, strength, and joy."

 Xavier's entire family are runners, to include his 5 year old sister!  While dad pushed Xavier, and mom pushed baby brother, and 5 year old sis ran (THE WHOLE 3 MILES!) alongside them, they crossed the finish line as a family of 5 for Xavier, and for more wishes to come!
 I love my friends dearly who came out to support my favorite cause, because they love me.  Especially Rich and Chrissie, on their anniversary for pete's sake!  This was Chrissie's first ever 5k, and trained for months.  I am so incredibly proud of her.  Moments after this race was over, their precious family jumped in their car and headed on their delayed-for-my-race beach vacation.  I call that support!!

 It was an incredible event, with nothing but happy endings, and wishes granted.  We set a goal of raising $2,500 for fear of raising be perfectly honest.  We had no idea what we were getting into.  We raised nearly $5,000, and doubled our original goal!!  I am so proud to be a part of such an amazing team, who never cease to amaze me!

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