Thursday, August 30, 2012

OOC - The Outtakes....

Let me just keep it real.  We're not all smiles and poses.  But we all do have a camera (or phone) in hand at all times.  You gotta capture everything (see OOC Outtakes 2011).....

I'm not sure if this is 61's "bring on the 1st triemester puking" pose....or a "I'm gonna be sick just thinking about this, as I just left a toddler and 5-month old at home myself!"  But you gotta love her honesty!

And there's no faking THAT look of shock!
And again!

Team 3 and their Game faces.  I think they broke their cup.

AK and TT...thunderstorm wrestling.  Neither stayed dried.  And neither got a trophy.

Handstands are normal 'round these parts.  Though someone needs to work on toe-points.

I learned "instagramming" is too addictive. 
 Here, Oakes is posting a pic, Jess is "hearting" it, and TT is commenting on it. 
In other news, Jess is posting a pic, TT is "hearting" it, and Oakes is commenting on it.

I kid, I kid.

AK:  Blazer, does that cat have fleas, I'm itching?  (But seriously, your bicep is REDIC.)
61:  Are you metering, Jenn?  I'm ready.
Jess:  This sucks.  Hurry up.
Oakes:  Jess, quit pinching me, it's not that bad. 
Ginny:  Should I wear this belt or not, yalllll?
TT:  Seriously, I could've heat-pressed 25 shirts by now.
Rigsby:  I'm really pregnant.
Blazer:  This house will never be the same.
(While in the background I'm trying to figure out how my fat butt will squeeze in that tiny space....)

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