Thursday, August 16, 2012

Niece Reunion 2012

My sister hosted our beloved "Niece Reunion" in Fairhope this year, and as required, chose a theme for us crazy ladies to celebrate all weekend.  None better could be selected for Mobile than Mardi Gras of course!!  She rented the cutest cabin on the bay, and decorated it with all the feathers, beads, and confetti she could get her hands on!

 Friday night as we all arrived, we ate a traditional meal of red beans and rice, cooked by my very dear friend Rich Warner, who a) just happens to be cajun and b) happens to own a catering company and c) can seriously cook anything from the bayou your heart desires!  And in mass quantity!  So if you're looking to feed your family, or throw a party, or even a huge tailgate, he travels (with this big ol' cooking trailer!)   And of course we devoured king cake for dessert, looking for that baby.
 No baby...  :(
 Saturday morning we were up bright and early.   Jessie and I cooked another cajun-Frenchy inspired breakfast of quiche for our favorite cousins and aunts.  Then we hit the road to the Mobile Carnival Museum to learn the history behind Mardi Gras. 

The whole crew....
 My sweet family on a Mardi Gras float
After soaking in all Mardi Gras had to offer, we went to visit our sweet Aunt Mae.  This whole "niece reunion" business is due to my grandmother's (Mimi's) big sister Aunt Vivian's request that all her nieces come to see her at the same time once a year for a big 'ol time.  Well, she's passed away now, but we still do this, just for her.  The only siblings left out of Mimi, and Aunt Vivian, and the other 7 brothers and sisters, is Mimi and Aunt Mae.  Quite the spry 81 year old lady.  And a spittin' image of my Mimi.
 Aunt Mae and Mimi are a year apart, and never left each other's side, living and working together in Mobile, until Mimi got married.  While here, the whole gang sat with Aunt Mae and listened to her stories....even a few on my mean ol' Mimi!  kidding!!
 After dinner and a beautiful sunset at Tacky Jacks on the bay, we headed back to the cabin where you could likely hear the giggles across the state line.  It was that really good laugh too.  The kind where you're not sure if it will result in wetting your pants or crying.  Especially my family, you really don't even need to know the inside joke--our laughs are just that infectious.

And just like that, another reunion, in memory of sweet Aunt Vivian, who loved all her insane nieces to pieces (haha) was over way too quickly. 

See, like I said....insane.....
We did our usual group shots, hugs, kisses, and goodbyes....until next year when Rachael hosts us all in Destin!

 First Generation...
 2nd Generation....
 Third Generation.....


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  1. Crop me in! Crop me in! Ya'll had such a blast! Pictures were great - I miss ya'll!!! I was totally there in spirit!!!
    Love you!
    ~Aunt Nancy :O)