Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Conclusion to a Great Beach Trip....

Our last night in Orange Beach was spent celebrating my Aunt Claudia's 50th birthday! Fiesta Style!
Uncle Pat and Aunt Claudia's neighbors on Ono Island hosted the party in their beautiful home, and we anxiously awaited behind these gorgeous doors for their arrival.
It was a (sort-of) surprise party....meaning she knew the local neighborhood friends from Ono would be there, and a few family members....but had no idea the size of the guest list!! All the out-of-town friends and family (like me!) had come. And all these good friends from Griffin, GA where they use to live for so long were there (and did I say me!?). And not to mention more siblings than I can count on both hands that came from all over the states and are staying all week! And me of course....

SURPRISE! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Now, before we go any further, I must introduce the mastermind behind it all. My sweet cuz, Lindsey Simpson pretty much planned the whole party behind mama's back, and did a FANTASTIC job. And I'm sure little sibs Hunter and Shelby were pretty big helpers to her as well. So, good job, Linz, too bad I'm 29-and-holding, because you could throw one heckuva party for me next year if I could slip a credit card away from your Uncle Curtis! (here she is playing videographer and probably texting the caterer, what a multitasker)

Once everyone sent well wishes to the birthday girl, it was time to grab cocktails and quesadillas, and head outside to enjoy a beautiful sunset, music, and lounge by the pool (it was awesome!--I think it's called an infinity pool...the kind that looks like it just disappears??)

Jessie, Aunt Claudia, and me

Jessie and I trying to take a photo opp on the dock--the wind decided against that. This is as good as it got. Here are the "twin cousins," they call themselves. Try to follow along if you dont know the story. Uncle Pat (dad's bro) and Aunt C (bday girl) had Lindsey the same day Mama and Daddy had Jessie (Jan 26, 1985)...same day, same year, same city. Different hospital. Lins was several weeks early and Jessie was like 10 days late--so random. But as fate would have it, both mama's ended up with little bambino's, as nurses relayed on the phone to one another from opposite hospitals how far along each sis-in-law was....Granddaddy with us, Grandmother with them....a race to the finish. The Montgomery paper even wrote an article "Double Births keep grandparents busy" or something like that. Too funny. So these cousins needless to say are very close. Which is a good thing they have each other, since I've always been the favorite....just sayin.

Uncle Pat and Daddy....double.trouble. But the best two guys I know. The ever talented Lindsey put together a special slideshow for the lady of the hour, and I think ever person in the room was in it! Good job L! There were tears shed, and laughs shared through all these great old pics. Uncle Pat had some really sweet things to say about his "Clau-Bart" and our wonderful family and friends.

After speeches, and videos, and good food, and was time to get saucy!!! I mean "salsa-y!" There was a salsa instructor at the party to show us how to shake our grove thing, baby!

(I dont think I knew my aunt and uncle could move like that! woo-hoo!!)

And check out Aunt C's sibs dancing the night away--I loved meeting all of them! They were so much fun!!

So how do you wrap up a night of salsa dancing and birthday wishing with your amigos? Well, duh, you take a dip in the cool pool....all in honor of the birthday girl, of course!


  1. It was a wonderful party! You took some really great pictures. Aunt Claudia had so much fun. I think Lyndsey should go into the business of party planning, don't you?

  2. Aww...what a great party! Definitely Lyndsey should do party planning!! Looks like you all had a great time!!