Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Lake Days

First, the blog got a facelift if you didnt notice. I was bored with the mustard yellow. The owls are still around of course, hooty hoot. That's for all my Phi Mu friends who like to make fun of me and my house for the owl envasion, hehe. If I had kids I'd put them in the title block, or dogs that would stay clean....but i dont. And apparently I get made fun of for saying "I'm just saying...." alot, so where better to say it than here.
Anyway, it was 92 dad-gum degrees this weekend. I refuse to be anywhere if not by water when it's that hot. I'm just sayin.' So I loaded up with my friends Haley, Rich, Chrissie, and baby Tori for a boat ride to the "sand bar" on Lake Harding.
There was not a cuter driver on the lake! And not to mention she celebrated her one year old birthday on Friday!
Baby Tori and some sweaty river rat dancing to Baby Got Back.
There is nothing I love more than a day on the water. I love the smell of Banana Boat, and a cooler full of beverages, music playing from the boat's speakers, and people watching from my float.
In fact, I might love a lake more than beach. It's a close tie. I was lucky enough to have both growing up. My precious grandparents lived on Lake Martin in AL, where I spent many weekends jumping off the end of the peir, fishing with "gan-daddy," feeding the ducks, skiing, and just being a kid. On other weekends, we'd go to the beach, to a little area outside of Freeport, which is outside of Destin, to our little family "cabin," on the Choctawhatchee Bay. We play in the bay, put the crab traps out as soon as we got there, and watch the dolphins play from the deck, and on the waveless mornings when the water was like glass we could ski the bay too. We eat at our cousin's restaurant, a dive that's been around for 50 years or so, Nick's, where I've never had better crab claws.
Yeah, it is a close call, but something about a lake house with the trees around it, and my neighbors puling up at my dock to say hello, skiing and tubing til the sun goes down, and oh yeah-- no jellyfish. That would be my dream house. I'm just sayin.


  1. Love your new header. I need something NEW...your creative...think of something for mine besides....JESS....SO BORING!!!!

  2. about your feelings on the lake...You are your father's daughter.