Thursday, June 11, 2009

I can almost hear the waves....

If I can just get through this golf tournament I'm helping with tomorrow before I go bananas....I will feed the pups, throw my disorganized luggage in the Yuke, and hit the trails headed south to meet my fam for a beach weekend in Gulf Shores. I need a new book to read, any suggestions?


  1. Did you finish that book I gave you at the beach? How was it? The only suggestion I have is...My Sisters it last year at the beach...VERY GOOD!

  2. I can give you tons of suggestions....although My Sisters Keeper (Jodi Picoult) is a great read. Good choice for the beach (fast, easy, very engaging). And a plus is the movie comes out the end of June.

    I can e-mail you a list...what do you like or not like to read? :)

  3. Jess-I havent finished "A Virtuous Woman"--it's so slow to me, or maybe I'm just not virtuous. I've been eyeing "My Sister's Keeper" for sure! What was the one you were just reading about the Amish girl who was preggers?

    KB-I like it all. Read all of Nicholas Sparks, heart melts for a love story. But also love a murder mystery. And believe it or not just finished those crazy vampire books, The Twilight Series, and LOVED them. Now Mama's reading. Another recent fave was The Shack.

  4. The Shack was one of my book club books last summer. As have been several of Jodi Picoult's books. All of her books are relative to some controversial issue, "Nineteen Minutes" is like the Columbine School Shooting, "The Pact" is about Teen Suicide, "Handle With Care" is about a child with Brittle Bone Disease, etc.etc.etc.

    We have also read several good murder mysteries...some take a bit harder to get into, but Tana French authored two good ones that I've read, "In The Woods" and "The Likeness".

    "The Three Miss Margarets", Louise Shaffer, also a great summer fun read, southern setting, murder mystery.

    "Redeeming Love" by Francine Rivers, or "The Red Tent" by Anita Diamant, are both excellent reads and have some biblical foundations. The Red Tent is written from the life of Dinah's viewpoint, deals with the dynamics of female relationships in "the red tent" where they were cast for a week every month. And Redeeming Love is a sweet Christian love story.

    I have other thoughts as well....but must end this lengthy comment and check on Walt...he's having some fitful sleep right now.