Wednesday, June 17, 2009

An SPF Kind of Weekend - Part 1

My Oh My. I've changed my mind, I dont want to grow up. I want to be a kid forever. I want to play in the sand, trap sand crabs under buckets, chase the waves from my toes, fly kites high in the sky, and eat popcorn shrimp at the local seafood shacks. Wait....scratch that....I actually eat big kid seafood now. Mama, Daddy....can I come home?? Yall spoiled us rotten this weekend!! Thank you so much! (And speaking of sweet parents...just how cute are they anyway, I'm just saying.) But Geez Louise, heading home from the beach just makes me ache for more! This weekend was a blast with my family. I think it was the first time in a really long time it was just the FOUR of us together, if you know what I mean. It felt like home. Once again, we had beautiful weather, and spent all day Saturday and Sunday on the beach. And when we go to Perdido Key, we love staying at Eden because it's got the coolest pool ever!
When we all felt like our racoon eyes were as prominent as they were going to get on Saturday, we freshened up for a great dinner. Here's me and Jessie--this is what we do at the beach..."go curly."
We ate at Cozmo's in Orange Beach-please go there, they love dogs there. Cozmo is their dog. There are paintings of dogs everywhere. It made me happy. Food, company, and atmosphere....loved it all! I even got my fish-lovin' father to try some sushi...which he loved, thank you very much....well, all except the ginger. Those pics I'll keep to family distribution only.
Crab cakes might by one of my all time favorite foods EVER! And this 'tini came with its own decor! And oh my, key lime pie!

Sunday, it was back to the beach, and at the request of my dermatologist I applied a healthy dose of the best stuff on the market--Neutrogena sunblock with Helioplex (the Helioplex is the important part, kids). That way I can protect this olive skin with a few too many moles and still be allowed to love the sun and water way too much to let it go.

When I was finally able to put my new book down, "My Sister's Keeper" (lovin it by the way), we freshened up, scoped out outlets for just a bit, and then got ready for a super fun party and the real reason we were so excited to head to the beach this weekend! My Aunt Claudia's 50th Birthday Party!! (stay tuned for Beach post-part 2 for that one--it was one heck of a party!)

But before I go, I gotta give a shout out to Jessie's new "friend" ....who crashed our Party of 4 this weekend, in a good way. Meet Gregory-Alan (double first); Goes by Alan. I call him GA. J-just so you know, "he's ok." (wink wink)

Headed home Monday...BAH HUMBUG! But, if anything made me happy it was the shrimp omelet at Tacky Jacks before hitting the road!


  1. It was great having all three of my girls with me this weekend! I want to do it again soon, Punkin' Head.

  2. What a fun trip! Sometimes family ones are the best! Don't we love to still be spoiled by our Daddies? I can't to get a tan next week!

  3. Tacky Jack' awesome shack of goodness.

    Daddies who love their "punkin' heads"....fantastic.

    Sand, Sun, Summer Fun....priceless.

  4. Life doesn't get much better than this, surrounded by the the ones I love the most.