Monday, June 22, 2009

This is the greatest man I know.
His dad was the greatest man he knew.
They are both great fathers.
Grandaddy raised two great sons.
Daddy is working on two daughters himself.
My Dad and his Dad share the same name. I think this is fittin.' They are that much more alike. And that much more great. Big shoes to fill. But a great ride too.
Grandaddy loved the water so much he raised his sons on Lake Martin.
Last year Dad finally got that boat he wanted and ended up on Logan Martin.
Grandaddy would spend all day in his workshop, that's where he let me get handfuls of corn and feed the ducks by the water.
Dad needed a workshop too, so he built one behind our house, and "piddles" there, no ducks-just duck decoys for his hunting boat....because he hunts them.
Everyday, my dad grows up to be more like his own. My wish on Father's Day is that I grow up and be just like my dad too.
(And this post is dedicated to all the grandaddies who we miss on Father's Day...if you can dedicate a blog post)

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  1. He is a good man. And his Daddy was great, too.

    And he has a wonderful daughter.... :)