Tuesday, January 26, 2010


HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my sister, you know the one....the.one.and.only. JESSICA SIMPSON!
And in honor of her 25 years on earth, here's my 25 reasons I love my sister bear!
1. She follows her dreams.

2. She wears her heart on her sleeve.

3. She has cool necklaces.

4. I can call her Jessie Messie and she doesn't get mad.

5. She keeps good secrets.

6. She leans on me.

7. I lean on her.

8. She has a tender heart.

9. Her Auburn Tigers decal will always be on top of the Florida State one.

10. She hosts one heckuva a party.

11. She loves Jesus.

12. She makes me proud.

13. Her feet are bigger than mine.

14. She sings like a rockstar.

15. She loves her family.

16. She's the baby, and she knows it. (wait, maybe I don't love that about her....)

17. She'll "wear you out", but she's worth it.

18. You won't find a better sister.

19. She puts everyone else before herself (to a fault!).

20. She's ambitious.

21. She's an Alabama girl, no matter where her life takes her.

22. She still calls me JennJenn.

23. She's a sucker for old movies.

24. She's the best to fight, and make up, with.

25. And I love her most today because it's her birthday, and that means today it's all about her, and everyday this week she should be celebrating, and I wish I could be there with her!!!



**Now, in other exciting news, this past Sunday my parents, God love 'em, celebrated their 34th wedding anniversary!! I am excited to say I've been around for nearly 30 of those years, and I can account for the beauty, honesty, and love that they pour into their marriage. It is hard work. I can also account to that personally. Which makes me so very proud of parents for being where they are, so extremely happy they found each other, fell in love, and have made the amazing team they did. Congratulations, and here's to another 34!


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  1. Happy Birthday to the one and only...and might I add the cutest, smartest and most down to earth Jessica Simpson, I've ever been blessed to know. :)

    And Happy Anniversary to those old folks....God Bless your mama's heart, she's a dang good woman....I know what the Simpson genes are like, and to put up with them, BY CHOICE, for that long....God love her. :)