Monday, January 25, 2010


Surprises are the best! And birthdays are even better than that! So we threw the two together and surprised our friend Rigsby (AKA Catherine Wile, Rigsby is her maiden name...and she'll always be Rigsby to us!) for her 30th birthday this weekend on Kiawah Island, and had so much fun!
It started with a rendevous at 61's (or "Tara"--turns out no one is called by their real name....) house in ATL Thursday night, where we got to play with Baby Blair, who I want to claim as my own. She's rediculously cute.Bright and early we hit the road Friday for a LONG (just 5 hours, but we were very anxious to get there!) roadtrip to Kiawah, SC. Armed with cupcakes, balloons, gifts, wine, etc.....we were the most prepared (and crammed!!) anyone could get! (Yes, sweet Ginny rode in the waaaay back in her very own car!)
We finally arrived thanks to our fine and very patient only-male-in-a-car-full-of-women-with-too-many-potty-breaks-and-lots-of-female-talks pilot Hunter! And Chip and Rigsby's house on Kiawah was beautiful! I only had a second to take it in before we were darting upstairs to light candles (they were only ten minutes behind us!)

So we lit the candles.....
And we practiced our "Surprise!" faces.....

Then she finally came in! SURPRISE!!!

So there were lots of hugs and kisses, and playing around before a fun dinner at at Red Sky Grill Friday night. Delish!

Jess and Jenn

Katie from NC, Rigsby, 61, Jess, jenn

Jenn, Jess, & Rigsby Group shot before dinner!

Saturday morning the girls got up and went to Sasanqua, and spa resort for pedis and a good long soak in the hottub! Just what I needed!

The view of the water from our hot tub!

After being spoiled, it was time for lunch and some shopping at this precious little town square type area with little shops and boutiques. The boys went grocery shopping for the night....salmon, filets, tuna tartar, some creamy potatoey-something, homemade ceasar salad, deviled egg appies. It was all quite rediculously good.

But before we fire up the grills and skillets, we walked out the back door and down to the beach, and snapped a few more pictures. The sunset was breathtaking. So was the chill. But it was worth it.

After our toes were frozen, and camera men were burnt out, it was back to the house for more gossip, Bobby Flay-quality food!, and more laughing and GAMES (oh the games!) into the night! Well, until us grannies called it bedtime, ha! It was such a fun weekend, for such a special friend! Now, I'll hardly have time to miss them before we're back together with the rest of the girls we missed this weekend, for our OOC reunion in just a few weeks!! I love yall, and had a blast! And happy early birthday, Rigsby!!


  1. Fun times!! Loved all the pictures!! Can't wait to see you in a m-o-n-t-h!!!!!!!!

  2. It was FUN FUN FUN! One more month to go until OOC!

  3. um...that last comment was me! For some reason it signed me in under my nanny's name!

  4. I had a blast! A weekend with fabulous friends is worth a loooooong ride in the waaay back of the car any day! Love you...see you in a few weeks!!

  5. I have some thoughts for you on this post:

    1) Baby Blair's smile is stinkin' cute. Like, really.

    2)How thick is that icing and can you ship me some cupcakes, just because it's Tuesday? I did turn 30 one time, a long time ago, does that count?

    3) Can the OOC adopt me....I know I'm too old, but I could be like y'all's den mother or whatever. :) Toss it around, and let me know, my bags are packed just in case! :)

    Seriously...looks like everyone had a grand time! What fun! What girlfriends! What a Wonderful life!!