Monday, January 17, 2011

My sister lives in LA!

As in Lower Alabama! And is already in love with it! So last weekend I made a quick trip to Spanish Fort to check out her precious new apartment, do some furniture shopping, and hear all about her first week of work! I can tell she is already affecting children's lives in such a powerful way with her Music Therapy, I wish I could just walk one day in her shoes.
So, with that the weekend: ....which unfortunately was poorly documented due to the fact we were running constantly. When I arrived Friday night I was greeted by this cute munchkin (who she finally named Bentley) and I quickly scooped him up as he whispered to me how much he loved and missed me and would never forget who loved him first. :)
Saturday we shopped til we dropped, and Mama and Daddy came in with a truck load of dining room furniture to set up too. Jessie and I snuck out for a bit and got to visit with one of my favorite people in the world. We played with Leah and I tried to steal the twins as usual, but I settled for putting Hayes down for an overdue nap, and stealing as many kisses from Mary Miller as possible. Sadly, my camera died just as this picture was taken, so no more of my blue eyed baby. :(
Next, dinner at The Original Oyster House....ah, shrimp and grits, how I love thee. Later that night Jessie and I began to put this MASSIVE bookshelf together we bought at World Market. And things got a little silly, clearly. I TOLD her to move....but obviously she didn't.
She also, unfortunately for me, did NOT grasp the concept of an Alan wrench, you know, the little baby wrench that comes with the million little screws? So it turned in to Jennifer putting the shelf together. Here's your alan wrench Jessie, for memory sake. I may not can carry a tune, but I'm very handy.
By Sunday at lunch Jeffro was calling to tell me to hit the road with threats of a "winter storm warning" heading our way. I believe his words were "I'm going to cut some 'green wood' down for fire and we'll 'button up' out here for the storm." I assumed buttonin' up was like hunkering down?
More on our BCS National Holiday (er, snow day) later. It was a good weekend, but of course never long enough. I can't wait to get back to LA and see you soon, seester! LOVE YOU!

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