Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Welcoming 2011 with a BANG!

The definition of a bang in my world: Fireworks, a Cattle Roundup, and Target Practice. 'Cause that's how I roll....
New Year's Eve I rolled out of bed around the p.m.....after a raging migraine all day. But when you're invited to the firework extravaganza on the farm it's worth peeling myself out of bed for!
So I powdered my nose, threw on my new cowboy boots Daddy bought me special for dodging massive cow patties :) and headed out. This annual event is held at the "party house" where all sorts of fun events happen on the farm. It's a beautiful house complete with a massive kitchen, upstairs bunks, and warm cozy fireplace...
There was a bonfire for the kids to run around, food galore outside for the hundreds of people there to snack on (including Jeff's mama's bread pudding which is to die for!) , and of course a fireworks show that lasts probably 15 minutes!
But I wont lie, after the fireworks, and the crowd died down, it was a low key New Years for me...I could barely keep my eyes open until midnight (actually...did I?) so I could grab a quick sugar, then crash. Sheesh, I'm old. And quite happy with that, thank you very much.
Saturday, it was U.G.L.Y we made a shopping day of it and "went to town" as my sister likes to make fun of Jeff saying. We watched the Bamer game at Buffalo Wild Wings, then hit up some New Years sales, and off to the theater for some layered butter popcorn and to see True Grit. I wont lie, westerns are NOT my thing. Half of my time may be spent in the country, but you can keep John Wayne. However, this was definitely a good movie. And listening to J quote the entire thing kept me entertained too. ;)
Sunday the clouds parted and it was sunny. After shopping all day Saturday, a lazy farm day was right up our alley. After church, Jeff's daddy called for help at the barn. This is when I just grab a camera and get on the Kubota. J accepts this, I'm definitely still learning, and he knows its better if I stay out of the way. So he tells me "go stand on the fence and stay clear." I do as I'm told. These cows are 1,000 pounds. I am not a cow whisperer. Just a donkey whisperer (remember?).
Apparently it was time for these lovelies to go to auction, or the stockyard, or whatever. Which means herding them up from waaaay out in the field. It can get chaotic, there's a lot of mamas who do NOT like to be seperated from their bambinos. It gets LOUD with all that mooing. I think I even heard one say "Eat more chikin." I'm just saying.
Cows get in that need to be out, and vice versa. So Jeff and Mr. Rob do their thing, which to me looks like a bunch of flailing arms in the air and hollering. But the cows seem to listen, after a minute.... and go where they're shoved. Hello, cute thang....from a distance you hardly smell like cows. ;)
I, like a good civilian, stood on the fence, and watched. This ol' girl even decided to pose. What a ham. Or is it a burger, I guess. I'd actually like to think she's going to be sold to someone else and live on their big beautiful green farm and be a mama forever and ever....Amen.
After everyone was appropriated herded, we drove off to the sad mooing of mamas standing on the fence, I'm not lying...this part was sad....and decided on a little target practice with Jeff's new Christmas present. Actually, Jeff decided this, I tagged along. He's lucky he's dating such a tomboy.
And not to brag, I'm pretty dang good with that little thing. Even better than with my own pistol. I need practice.
And Jeff could win tournaments, it's not fair.
With all the cans shredded and bullseyes hit, we loaded up and headed back to the house. I needed to do something girly, so I baked a banana pudding pie in a pink shirt. No pictures, but it was DE-VINE.
And I can't lie, even with all that moo-cryin going on outside, I probably had the best steak ever that night. ;) Such is life.
It was a good first weekend of 2011. Actually it was great. I was right where I wanted to be. Let me say it again, as I smile, I'm right where I want to be. Happy New Year, friends.

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