Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Special Visitor!

After Christmas, I got a belated Christmas present....a super fun (and unfortunately super short) visit from Haley! She flew in from Korea for Christmas with her family, and after being sick the majority of the time :( she managed to swing through Columbus to spend the day with little ol' me!
So I played hookey from work and we got pedicures and hit up all the sales...she had to buy some necessities she simply cannot get in Korea...hello Ulta!....and ate our weight in good ol' American BBQ for lunch!
And for dinner, we met up with Chrissie, and Jeff treated us to our favorite sushi at Sushiko! (Cue: the random waiter who loved getting his picture taken...hehe)
Haley told us all kinds of stories....some came with shock and awe, I must say... ;) I personally am quick interested in her remote control toilet.
I gave my best pouty face, and begged her not to go no avail.
With hugs and kisses, it was back on a plane, 14 hours and 2,000 miles away. WAY TOO FAR! So I'll ask again, Oh Jeffrey? (I'm batting my eyes, and giving you that reeeeally sweet smile), when did you say you'll fly me to Korea? ;)


  1. Who could say no to your pouty face? Geez! I want to hear more about the remote control toilet! :)

  2. I'm with Tara...the pouty face should totally work. :)