Thursday, January 27, 2011

His Brother Turned 40.

Jeff's brother Adam is 360 days younger than him, not even a year. (Oops.) This made them much more than brothers growing up, but best friends. And to this day, still are. I love hearing stories about he, Adam, and baby brother Stan (mom and dad were much more careful third time around!) and the trouble they'd get into on the farm! Adam's wife Jennifer (hold your comments, I am aware things could get tricky here, Jeff's Jenn, Adam's Jennifer, HAHA, blah, blah, blah....:) gave her hubby a surprise party at where else, the PARTY HOUSE, last weekend, and it was too fun! I went over early to help the Mrs. R, and Stan's wife set up, and before too long cousin Jackie was bringing in the BBQ he'd been slaving over all day....Heaven help us.
And then the guests started arriving....Hell-o, cute thang.
Everyone was anxious for Adam and Jennifer to get there...praying he hadn't figured it out yet! Cousins and brothers and friends and, well everyone!, had come from all over to yell SURPRISE!
Here's Jeff's baby girl Emmy, J and his nephews Preston and Garrett, and cousin, umm, ..."blondie" (sorry, forgot your name??!!))
Miss Rani was very excited to see her daddy and sing Happy Birthday to him!! How cute is she!?!
They finally pulled up, with Jennifer driving Adam's big ol' truck, which was funny enough :), and to see him staggering up the sidewalk blindfolded had me nearly doubled over laughing. I'm so glad she was able to pull this off!! I think she told him before they went to dinner there was something at the barn, an early birthday gift, she wanted to give him....but he had to be blindholded. SUCKER!
Spontaneously, someone in the back started singing Happy Birthday, and everyone joined in before he could even get in the door! It was too cute!
But as soon as he did you know Mama was there to hug her boy.
The crowd soon made plates of BBQ and homemade banana pudding, mmmm, and settled in around the fire.
But as soon as I could round up my guy, and the rest of the Robinson boys, I started snapping. This is rare, this is very rare. Mr. R does NOT like a camera (can you tell?) and apparently neither does baby bro Stan. But all of them are so darn cute, and this was rare to have them all cornered that I had to start snapping FAST, and not worry about ISO, or f/stop or depth of field or any of that. Just take it already (I think one of them actually said that too....)
Love these two.
Later in the evening the band started playing outside while everyone bear-hugged around the firepit. This guy's a Robinson, and can sing pretty much anything! He's in a band I forgot the name of, and plays around town a lot. Word on the street is they even opened for David Allan Coe!
Back inside where there was central heating (BRRRR), Adam opened a few gifts. Like a giant sucker that said "40 SUCKS!" haha
And when you own a construction company, you have to have a lovely orange safety vest right? Apparently when your FORTY they come with their own logos...hehe
I had a great time getting to know a lot of new friends and family of Jeff's, and spending time with the ones I already knew. The more I get to know these people, the more at home I feel. They have welcomed me with open arms, and I know that that honestly could not have been easy after knowing someone else for so long. I am grateful for their support, and most grateful for this guy below.
For the next few days we will enjoy the last year of being '40 and Sporty,' because this guy has a birthday on Sunday. I told him we can do whatever he wants this weekend. I have a feeling that will involve me cooking the staples: meatloaf, enchilladas, and a pie for sure (not all the same meal!), and probably a little skeet shootin', Kubota cruisin'....who knows....I may even put some dancin' shoes on!
Anyway.....HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Adam!! And Happy Birthday to Jeffrey!

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  1. The may only be 360 days apart, but they could pass for twins! They're almost identical, goodness! Looks like a fun time for sure...and how can it NOT be if you have a PARTY HOUSE!?