Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A BCS Holiday...or Weather Day, Whatever...

Last Sunday night I came home from Mobile, and the pups and I "buttoned up" on the farm at Jeff's request....we were in for a winter storm that night...2 to 3 inches of ice they predicted, and a little snow. And Captain Safety wanted us there where he had chopped down approximately 19 trees in case we lost power, and where there's actually food in there refrigerator....go figure.
Monday morning he had go to work, because though there wasn't any paving going on, with all the ice everywhere, there certainly would be traffic control issues, especially on his roadwork job sites, so off he went. I of course, stayed in my cacoon.
We definitely did get ice, and every school, doctor, and government agency in a 200 mile radius closed. We just got dusted with snow. Ice was a MAJOR problem in our area, and because the temps never got above freezing for days, it seemed to stay. In fact, he still had snow on the farm in the shady areas this Sun (Jan 16th).
I bundled up enough to fight the rediculous, and I mean REDICULOUS winds out there to take the opportunity to use my new camera and take some pictures....for about 5 minutes. And then go inside and beg him to come home and start a fire.
This poor flag had frozen in place, in a permanent wave, with icicles hanging from it.
You know it's icy when the the dadgum pine needles are frozen solid!!
The poor palms by the pool nearly fell to the ground with the weight of the ice! It took several days, but they've perked back up finally. From the back porch, it looks like all you can see for miles is snow and ice. I'm not even sure where the cows are. I'm sure they're all in a huddle under the trees. Poor burgers, uh, buddies.
Here is our tiny pile of firewood, I don't know how we'll ever get by.... And three dogs who did NOT love the ice.
Poor Roscoe (if you could see his eyes) would be giving me a dirty look about now saying "Get that D#$% camera out my face, and let me inside, woman!"
But I didn't. Instead, I went inside, and let Jeff talk me through making this roaring fire while he was at the office, so I wouldn't burn his house down. Then he came home early, we made some game day chilli and put all the orange we could find in the house on our bodies.
And of course made some gameday toddies. Afterall, it was a special occasion. My office has canceled work all day because MY TIGERS were playing for the NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP. And for a little iciness, I guess, whatever.So with that, they flipped the coin.....
Gene made some heartfelt promises, very reserved and optimistic....
And then we played the game of our lifetime! My lifetime at least! My phone was going crazy, with friends who were there, at home, and I was nearly in tears the whole time. I was definitely hoarse by the end of the game, my stress level was through the roof! Jeff and I were jumping and yelling and high fiving, and kissing and hugging, and coaching of was intense! But I am so very proud to be an Auburn Tiger! I would have been just as proud had they not won, but I am so thankful to experience this moment!
Tuesday through Friday I wore ALL ORANGE to work. Because apparently, ALL I DO IS WIN!

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  1. Whoop Whoop! We did it girl! Now, I think I'll go fix one of those drinks you made yourself!